Thursday, 4 August 2011

Project 365 - week 2

008/365: Found time to play the piano today.

009/365: Spent a good part of the afternoon helping Julie - she's travelling to Hong Kong tomorrow but the airline was still showing her daughter as a male passenger. A few emails and phone calls later and the booking was amended! 

010/365: The rest of my pupil's exam certificates arrived today - 3 distinctions and a merit.  Very pleased! (note to self - learn to use the photo editing software properly)

011/365: Doctor's appointment and some new medication.

012/365: The final book for my summer reading project arrived.  That'll teach me to read the blurb properly when I buy on eBay - it's an audio book and I wanted a paperback.  

013/365: Managed a trip over to Melksham to take some photos for the Scavenger Hunt.

014/365: Rich helped me to spray the back garden to get rid of the blackberry bush.

1 comment:

  1. Pity about the book Eileen
    but hopefully you will enjoy it anyway.

    Good on you for getting to play the piano, I can't play myself but my husband is pretty good on it and it is lovely listening to him.

    Hope the spray on the blackberry bush works!

    Have a good weekend.