Friday, 2 September 2011

3 in 30 Challenge - September 2011, week 1

Goal 1 - Personal: I didn't really achieve my personal goal for August but as I'll still be working on it as part of Slim Down Sunday I'm setting a new personal goal for this challenge.  I start teaching again next week and that, put together with caring for Ced, means that I know I will get overtired and end up spending any free time I have resting and/or doing nothing.  So, I've decided to allocate myself some quality 'me time' every day, to be used as the mood takes me but to be an activity of some kind - e.g. photography, music, meeting friends, crafting.  I'd also like to find the time to do some extra blog posts rather that just the regular meme posts.

Goal 2 - Professional: to design and produce some new worksheets for the beginners, to cover key signatures and note recognition.

Goal 3 - Home: This goal is in part a continuation from last month and involves keeping the decluttered rooms clean and tidy. In addition I want to defrost and refill the freezer, finish sorting and filing our personal papers and also review the budget.

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  1. Eileen, You've got some big goals! Good for you... I don't remember EVER thawing out our freezer - how sad is that? Maybe I should make that a goal for next month. :-) See you on SSS...


  2. I love your first goal. I know that once school gears up for me I will struggle mightily to pursue any of my personal passions. I just want to figure out how those passions fit into my overall view of my life first. I remember thawing out freezers. Very thankful for the current frost-free model that we have. I blew out more hair dyers on the fridge than I ever did on my hair.

  3. Ahh...defrosting the freezer. Hubs and I were just talking about doing that with our deep freeze. What a job but it has to be done, right? Enjoy your "down time"...I think I need to schedule that in as well. :)

    Julie {enJOYing life}

  4. Sounds like you will be busy this month, but I know you can do it! Looking forward to followign your progress.

  5. I've been working on decluttering as well. Good luck with your goals! :)

  6. Defrosting the there is one I always forget! Lucky for me we just moved so it won't need done this month!
    Great goals! Good luck with them! :-)

  7. Just started the 3 in 30 challenge and am in the decluttering mood myself. Great goals!