Sunday, 1 July 2012

Weekly Snippets {week 27}

It's been a very quiet week, not much going on at all. 

I've been teaching all week and am now busy in the evenings writing the end of year reports.  I hate this task.  There is a template we have to use and it simply doesn't lend itself to writing meaningful reports so I always feel that I'm just wasting my time and I know a lot of the other tutors feel the same - just lots of tick boxes and not enough room to write  about behaviour issues, lack of practice etc.  Only another 54 to write!

Moan over!

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I went to see my doctor this week about the pain I keep getting in my left hand.  He doesn't thinks it's anything serious, maybe a trapped nerve at worse, but I'm off for an x-ray (in 2 weeks time) as a precaution.

He's also suggested that I contact the local Carer's Support organisation.  I'd looked at their website before and decided against it but (as his suggestion was more like an order!) I've now registered with them and am waiting for a support officer to contact me.  My doctor's thinking is that this will give me some support where the priority is all about my needs rather than the focus being on Ced.  I haven't really got my head round it yet, I'll just wait and see what comes of it.

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Yay!!!  Ced has bought us an iPad. 

I've been dropping hints for months and months about how much we (well, me really!) need one and I'd given up hope of him taking the bait.  But it was worth the effort because on Saturday he asked me to order one and he's giving the impression that it was his idea (although I do know that deep down he's sure he's been stitched up).  Success!!!  It'll be here on Tuesday. 

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The Beginners Band is progressing steadily.  I remembered my camera on Saturday and photographed them all.  I can only show the picture of these two, though.
Tinkerbell and Tweenie at band practice
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I'm looking forward to the next two weeks.  I have the pleasure of Lauren's company (my friend's daughter) who is with me for her work experience.

Hope you're all well. 


  1. Hang in there writing the report cards!
    You're going to LOVE the ipad! It's so addictive!
    I hope everything turns out eell with your hand!

    Have a great new week!

  2. we have just received my eldests school report....i found it uninspiring so i can understand how you feel. Hope you manage to sort out your hand and i'm sure you'll love the ipad!

  3. I remember receiving those reports and feeling disappointed especially when it was obvious one had been copied and pasted as it had the other girls name in it!! Hope your hand settles down. x

  4. From a "receiver of reports" perspective, it would be so much nicer if you could write what you really want to say.
    Yeahhhh for the Ipad, hope you have fun with it.
    Not long now until the hols x x

  5. ipad how lovely you should have lots of fun with that. Hope the reports don't take you to long. Have a nice week x

  6. It would be nice if school reports were a bit more personal, I don't envy you the task of writing them all out though! I hope tha hand doesn't cause you to much bother and is sorted very sooner and congratulations on your iPad, my hubby likes to think things are his idea too, I'm happy to let him think that too as long as the outcome is good! I'm still trying to workout the best way to blog using the iPad as I still have all my pics on our main computer so I'm hoping that when we get our new iMac for Christmas ( hubbies idea of course!) that it will be easier as I will be able to use iCloud.

    1. An iMac is my next plan! The iPad took so long I was beginning to think I was losing my touch.

  7. 54 reports seems like quite a lot of work. Reports are usually so impersonal too. It would make your job far easier if you could write what you wanted I'm sure.
    Hope your hand recovers soon and congratulations on the iPad. I'm very jealous :))

  8. Enjoy the iPad and I hope the reports do not take too long to complete . Have a good week.

  9. Hi Eileen,

    is it raining there?
    Piddling out of the heavens here.

    One day I will shock you and tell you
    that the sun is shining!

    Good luck with the reports.

    I think it is a very good idea of your doctor
    for you to contact the support group.

    My friend contacted the IMNDA here after
    huffing and puffing about it
    she has got a huge amount of help from them
    and met with others going through what she is
    going through and she told me she found it
    easier to speak with them than with family.
    She meets up for coffee and a chat and the Assoc
    have been wnderful.

    I wish you luck as I know it must be very difficult.

    Take some time for yourself my friend.

    Good luck with the ipad.

    The children playing look so cute!

    Enjoy your time with Lauren.

    Take care