Wednesday, 29 August 2012

24/52: Paint a Pot

I wasn't any good at pottery when I was at school so I never got to the stage where I actually painted a finished piece. I think the teacher thought it was a waste of good paint!

Well, that's all changed.  Last week we went to 'Flying Saucers', the painting pottery cafe in Warminster and we each chose a piece of pottery to paint.  I chose a little car, Tweenie chose a penguin money box and Tinkerbell chose a drinks can money box.  Laura, their mum didn't do one (which was just as well because she is a brilliant artist and would have put us all to shame) but just helped the children with the tricky bits.

Today, we went back to collect our efforts, all bright and shiny from the kiln.  I don't think we'll win any prizes, but they've turned out a lot better than I thought they would and we definitely had fun doing it.  So for the first and probably the only time, I've painted a pot ... well, a pottery car.


  1. Lovely Eileen, I often look at the things in that shop window as I walk past. They have some lovely momentoes.
    Joy xx

  2. Nice pottery!Im lm doing some pottery with clay for first time,and i like it so much!Have a lovely evening!