Thursday, 3 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 3: 52 Weeks of Happy

I've seen quite a few blogs with posts labelled '52 Weeks of Happy' but have never managed to find a linky to join in.  The idea is to post 4 photos of things that made you feel happy in the previous week.  I think the idea originated with Jen on her blog, Little Birdie.
So here are my photos for last week:

1. This note was waiting for me on my desk in one of my schools.  It made me laugh out loud, especially the assurance that she had actually done some practice!

2. A surprise gift of some bulbs from Joy who popped in to see me last week.  Totally unexpected but it really cheered me up.  Thanks, Joy.

3.  I caved in and treated myself to a waffle maker.  I've wanted one for ages and ages but knew deep down that it would probably be a novelty and would be another gadget that would end up unused in the back of a cupboard somewhere.  But then I decided, so what if it did, and bought one!

4.  One of the roses given to me by my great niece as a thank you.  Again, a totally unexpected gift.

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  1. I too laughed when I saw your first photo, well worth keeping that one. Beautiful coloured rose as well. x