Thursday, 31 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 31: Ending and Beginning

The 'ending' is the end of BlogtoberFest for this year.  It is the first time I have joined in with this and I have surprised myself, both by managing to post every day for 31 days and also just how much I have enjoyed the whole thing.  I've gained four new followers which is lovely, read lots of new blogs and am now following a few more plus I've had lots of comments which is always appreciated.  I don't know if I will continue to post every day - part of me wants to but ... life will probably get in the way, so I'll see how it goes.
Many thanks to Shells for organising BlogtoberFest 2013.
The 'beginning' is this:
I've made a start on my garden.  I met up with Joy at the Lakeside Garden Centre yesterday where I bought all these goodies:  The three ceramic pots and the plants which (from left to right) are Euonymous Alatus, Pieris Japonica 'Katsura', Fuchsia 'Madame Cornelissen and in front is a Raspberry 'Autumn Bliss'. I also bought three bags of potting compost and some rooting liquid (as Joy explained how to take some cuttings of cotoneaster which my sister has in abundance in her garden!).  We had pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread for lunch and I got to meet Wanda!  Thanks for your help and advice, Joy.
It was raining when I got back yesterday so I didn't pot them until this morning and they are now sitting on the deck near the back wall of the house so I will be able to see them from the living room.  From the dining room I can see the pots of bulbs and the raspberry canes.
I'm excited about it although my sister didn't seem to be too impressed.  I think I may have taken the edge off of my birthday present.  The clue was her response to my text telling her what I'd bought - "All before your birthday? What are you like?!"  So I'm now busy planning what I want next ... hope she's feeling wealthy!!


  1. Lovely selection of plants and pots, look forward to seeing them grow. Well done on completing BlogtoberFest, didn't click today was the last day til I read your post. x

  2. Congratulations on your BlogtoberFest! It takes me all my time to blog sporadically so I can't imagine doing it every day. Good luck with the plants .... I'm gradually getting back into gardening. We're doing a big garden makeover at the moment.

  3. well done thats a big undertaking, always fun to have new plants.

  4. They all look good Eileen, cant wait to see them properly potted up. Wanda and I enjoyed our little outing, its always nice to help someone else spend their money :-)
    Joy x x