Monday, 7 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 7: Car Boot Sale Bargains

Yesterday morning dawned all misty with the promise of a beautiful sunny day. And where was I?  Up at 6:00am, dressed, fed and sitting in the middle of a field helping my friend Julie to sell her goodies at a car boot sale.

I've done it once before and enjoyed myself.  The plan was for me to also sell some of my goodies but I'd had such a bad week I hadn't found the time to sort anything out - that'll be for next time.  Julie had a good morning, sold plenty of things and made about £60.  Of course we'll never make our fortunes doing this as we both succumbed to the temptations around us.  Here are my bargain buys:

Two small enamel dishes - £0 (Julie was going to sell them but donated them to me - I did offer to pay!) and a Union Jack bone china mug - £1.

A Lyons C clarinet - £18.  This may not seem like much of a bargain but I plan to resell this - they retail for approx £160 new and second hand usually sell for between £50 - £90 so I should make a healthy profit.  I'll wait to sell until the next time I'm due to take on new pupils in my schools and will then advertise it in the school newsletters. 

Brand new rowing boat print - 50p. This is to go in the family bathroom once I get it framed.  I actually bought this at the previous boot sale a few weeks ago - it was for sale on the stall opposite and it kept catching my eye so I asked the price.  At 50p it was too good to miss and I didn't even have to leave the stall to buy it as the very kind man brought it over to me!

We also indulged in some very yummy bacon rolls which we enjoyed sitting in the warm sun.  I've had plenty of fresh air and have to admit that I feel much better.  Now all I have to do is sort out my own things to sell.  Watch this space!!

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  1. Great finds, especially the clarinet. I have done or been to a car boot in years, I became disheartened with them. lol. Have a good week. x