Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Plans for 2014, part 2

Following on from my previous 'Plans for 2014' which dealt with the more serious lifestyle changes, this post is all about the more fun things I plan to do over the course of the next year.  It will sound like a lot but this is my way of kick starting my attempts to start living the life I want and finding the time to do some of the things I regularly plan in my head but never get round to actually starting!  I feel that this is something I need to do, particularly since the last chat with my doctor - at some stage I need to get on and start living for myself again and now feels like the right time.  That's why I'm starting now rather than waiting until January 1st.
So here goes ...
1.  Project 365: Photo a Day.  I've been posting on this blog every day since the beginning of October 2013 and have enjoyed the discipline of this.  In 2014 I plan to try my own Project 365 based on a daily photograph of the garden.  I tried this project once before but didn't manage to keep going with it but I do enjoy looking back at these photos and the memories I captured.  I'm hoping that having a theme that only requires me to walk out of the back door will make this an achievable target!!
2.  Internet Memes. I'd like to be more organised about joining in with some of the Internet memes.  I've chosen a short list of ones I'd like to do regularly:
3. Reading Challenges.  I'm in the middle of sorting out some reading challenges to join in with.  I love reading and find it a great way of relaxing but I'm stuck in a bit of a rut with the genres I currently opt to read.  These challenges will be my way of opening up my horizons and making me look at new authors and genres.  I'll do another post when I've sorted my list out.
4. My Simple Things.  I'll definitely be continuing with my monthly list of the 'me time' activities I plan to do each month.  Making a list works for me and is keeping me motivated in this aspect of my life.
I also have some vague ideas about trips, crafty type projects and musical activities but they are for another day.  And at some stage I will restart the photography degree.

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  1. There are some great things on your list. Thanks for sharing I will take a look at the links later to see if there are some I would like to join x