Sunday, 2 March 2014

61/365: How Did That Get There?

I was out this morning visiting friends.  When I got back I looked out of the French doors in the dining room trying to decide what to choose as the subject for today's photograph when I saw this ... a purple child's bike leaning against the back wall of the garage.  Closer inspection revealed two more bikes ... one adult and one more child's bike.  The purple bike was the clue and a quick call to my niece confirmed my suspicions - they owned them. They'd been out for a bike ride along the canal towpath and all three of them had got punctures.  My house was the closest so they'd abandoned the bikes in the garden and were on their way back home to get the puncture repair kits. I'll see them later when they come back to mend the bikes ... I hope they're not expecting me to help!!

1 comment:

  1. Mystery solved, this did make me laugh!!