Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Holidays 2014

I've been thinking!  I have a long break from work (from now until September)and I don't want to let that time off be wasted, so I've been thinking about what I want to achieve during that time and, as to be expected I have come up with a list, because I'm a 'lists sort of person', of the things I like to do around the house and garden, a couple of courses to go on and ideas about the places I like to visit.
I'll start with the places to visit.  I have plenty of other places on my list which are all free to do, or reasonably cheap, so I've just listed the more expensive ones:
  • Bristol International Balloon Fiesta - this has been on my radar for quite a few years.  In the past we've photographed some of the balloons and watched the evening flight (from a distance) but I've never actually been to the whole event.  It's on from the 7th - 10th August.
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour - this is in Watford so I'm hoping to combine the trip with a visit to Ced's brother.
  • Longleat - I've visited Longleat regularly over the years but I haven't looked around the house for ages and have never been in the safari park.  I'm going to exchange my Tesco vouchers for safari tickets and probably spread the visit over two days.
  • Bath Tourist Bus Trip - this is a case of never doing what's on your doorstep!  This keeps going on the list but never gets done, so this year it is a definite! Hopefully!
I also plan to complete two courses:
  • Quilting - I live fairly close to Midsomer Quilting who run lots of interesting courses and workshops but to go on them they advise that you complete their beginners quilting course, so that's what I'm doing on July 27th.  I've done some patchwork before haven't made an actual quilt and I am completely self taught so hoping to pick up some useful tips.
  • Indian Cookery - I still have to book this one.  It is a half day course, held in Bristol, where you learn about the spices and cook a curry.  You get to bring home the curry and the rest of the spices so, at a cost of £25 (with discount voucher) it seems like good value.  I am very excited about doing this!
The house and garden projects are the the biggies and may not be finished before I go back to work but I hope to have the majority of the work completed at least.
  • Sorting out the music room/study - this is dependent on being able to buy an integrated washer/dryer at a reasonable price.  The washing machine and separate tumble dryer are currently housed in the corner of the room I want to use for the music room/study which, as well as taking up too much space in a small room, is inconvenient.  My plan is to remove the dishwasher in the kitchen, which I never use, replace it with the integrated washer/dryer and dispose of the two separate appliances.  After decorating, I can then move the piano and other instruments into this room.  I have to wait for the sales to start so that's the only reason why this may not be finished before September.
  • Sorting out the corner of the garden behind the garage - I want to remove the wooden corner planter and sort out the ground where the shed used to be.  I doubt very much that I can afford all of the plants I need for this area but I will be able to make a start.  Once I have that area cleared I'll arrange for someone to quote on the remaining bits of hard landscaping still to be done and also quote on a 'nice to have' which is to replace the decking with a proper stone patio.  I doubt I can afford to get this done yet but the decking is now eleven years old and is showing signs of age so, as I'm going to have to spend some money on it at some stage in the next couple of years, it may be best to try to get it done now.
So, that's what I'm up to over the summer.  What about you?  Do you have any plans?


  1. I look forward to photos throughout, yes? The tours all sound interesting, especially Longleat. Enjoy it all!!

    1. Oh yes, there will definitely be photographs!

  2. I really like having summer plans, too. Although I'm falling behind already!