Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Weigh In Wednesday [27]

Well somehow I've managed to lose another pound, making a total of 30lbs so far.  I have no idea how I actually managed this as I seem to have gone over my daily calories allowance on most days - it'll probably be down to natural fluctuations in body weight and will be evident at my next weigh in!
I've now lost enough weight for 'My Fitness Pal' to recommend recalculating my daily calories allowance to ensure my continued rate of loss of 1lb a week.  I have a feeling that I'm going to struggle if I don't make some further changes in lifestyle, the obvious one being that I need to start being more active.  I'm not a 'going-to-the-gym' sort of person, don't enjoy swimming and can't afford/don't want to invest in expensive equipment that will probably sit in a corner once the initial enthusiasm has worn off, so I'm looking at walking, steps aerobics (using the Wii) and Tai Chi as my initial foray into exercise. There are some classes for Tai Chi but none at a time that are convenient for me, so I've found some tutorials on YouTube to get me started. I have the Wii already and when I first got it I used it regularly and enjoyed it, so I'm going to leave it set up and will use it daily.  As for the walking, I'd like to get to the stage where I'm fit enough to walk with the Ramblers on Sundays but the local group seems to go in for the longer 10 to 15 mile walks, which I'd struggle with at the moment so am opting for a daily 3 - 4 mile walk to get me started. 
It should all be easy to fit in at the moment as the academic year is coming to an end and I have 12 weeks holiday stretching ahead of me.  The problem will be how to find the time and maintain the enthusiasm when I go back to work in September!
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  1. Walking is a great way to start! I've actually added walking in addition to my DVD workouts.

  2. I can so relate to not spending a lot on equipment. I am constantly wanting to buy new things because the enthusiasm wears off quickly. I ended up signing up for a half marathon to make sure I kept myself moving. Unfortunately, that wore off after I completed it and I'm sitting here trying to motivate myself some more. I hope the walking works out for you and you have found something to be more active in.

  3. Great job on the loss! Walking is great exercise.

  4. Walking or running are inexpensive ways to get fit! Also, check out Blogilates! Free and pretty hardcore!