Monday, 18 August 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Monday 18th August 2014

Outside my window ... it's a dull day and the grey clouds are gathering. It looks like we are in for more rain - at least I won't need to water the garden!
I am thinking ... about when to go to Ikea in Bristol.  I want to look at their kitchen units and also buy a couple of storage units and some storage boxes for the music room.  It's going to turn into a 'jolly' as Julie and her girls want to come as well.
I am thankful ... for Gumtree.  I've been checking the adverts and was lucky enough to get a nearly new extending dining table and chairs for £130.  It's oak/white and it is exactly the style I want in the kitchen/dining room.  I went to collect it as requested (just in the next village) but the man who was selling it offered to deliver the table at no extra cost to save me the bother of dismantling it.  Aren't people kind?

In the kitchen ... I'm having a 'meat free' day. I've never been a great meat eater but now seem to be eating even less.  My diet has changed completely over the last year and I'm feeling much better as a result; less meat, more fish and loads more fruit and veggies.

I am wearing ... tatty old clothes that have seen better days and really need to be binned.

I am creating ... order out of chaos!  I spent this morning tidying the garage to make room for some of the boxes of things to sell at the next car boot sale.  It's been on my mind to do this for ages but kept putting it off; today I got it done in about two hours and it's freed up some space in the house.  The study is now empty and I am preparing the walls for painting - lots of holes to be filled and sanded.    

I am going ... to focus on decorating the study/music room.  I want to get it finished and furnished by the end of this month so that I am organised to start back at work in September. 

I am wondering ... whether to keep my doll's house.  It was something I planned to do with Ced's help and he was going to make a lot of things to go in it but of course that can't happen now and I'm not sure my heart is still in it.  This isn't the first time I've thought about this but it'll stay where it is for the time being as I can't reach a decision.

I am reading ... nothing!  I've just finished reading 'The Chemistry of Tears' by Peter Carey which is the monthly read for the new book club I am going to.  I didn't enjoy the book at all which is why it has taken me so long to read (4 weeks!) but it'll be interesting to see what the others thought of it.
I am hoping ...  that lubricating the belt on the treadmill is easier than it sounds.  That's my next job when I've finished writing this post.
I am looking forward to ... getting back to work.  I must be getting old as I never thought I'd be saying that!  It's lovely to have such a long break (12 weeks for me) but I'm ready for a change.
I am learning ... to include regular exercise in my life. It's a bit of an effort but I am currently managing 30 minutes a day on the treadmill.  I just get on with it as soon as I get up so that it is over and done with for the day! 
Around the house ... every room is cluttered with the fall-out from the decorating.  The piano is in the middle of the living room and the other instruments and music books are piled in the bedrooms.  The new dining table and chairs are also in the living room until my nephew collects the dining set I'd borrowed from him.
I am pondering ... nothing!  I have enough to occupy my thoughts with the decorating!

One of my favourite things ... listening to the dawn chorus.
A few plans for the rest of the week ...
  • Tuesday: trip to the recycling centre, then decorating
  • Wednesday: finish decorating + book club in the evening
  • Thursday: gardening + photo walk (weather permitting)
  • Friday: shoe shopping
  • Saturday: nothing planned, just relaxing at home
  • Sunday: nothing planned, just relaxing at home
  • Monday: Devizes Street Festival
A peek into my day ... I tidied the garage this morning, reorganised the ever increasing stack of boxes filled with stuff to sell, listed some furniture for sale on Gumtree and started sorting through Ced's books.  It feels good that I'm getting things done.  This evening I'm going to watch some TV - the new series of 'New Tricks' start tonight.
A favourite quote for today ...
"What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it"- unknown


  1. Fab post Eileen- thanks for sharing! I have an unfinished dollshouse too!

  2. I love that quote- it's so true!
    I enjoy decorating but then when I get right into the middle of it and see the mess around me, I start to panic :)