Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014 Day 16: Taking Stock

Angie did a taking stock post yesterday and I've also seen a few of these on various blogs, so I'm joining in ... here's my take on it ...
  • Making nothing at the moment but as soon as I've sorted a crafting space in the second bedroom, I'll be starting on a quilt.  Watch this space!
  • Cooking soups, stews and casseroles for the freezer. 
  • Drinking either black coffee or water.
  • Reading 'Tell No Lies' by Gregg Hurwitz.  I've also found a couple of new (to me) blogs to follow - Going Gently and The Flowers of Progress.
  • Wanting to hear that the decorator has recovered from his dislocated ankle, is back at work and is able to agree a date for my jobs to be completed.  I just want it all to be finished now.
  • Looking for some winter boots that will be comfortable enough to wear all day long when I'm teaching, the problem being that a lot of the schools are overheated and I get too hot.
  • Playing lots of time wasting games on Facebook.   
  • Deciding, or trying to decide, on changes I can make to my working life to give me more free time and fewer expenses.
  • Wishing for a mild winter.  I have lots of plans for photography walks but do not function well when it is too cold, so milder temperatures please!
  • Enjoying the positive changes in my life.  Finding out about Meetup and joining in with some of the local events has made a big difference to me and I'm no longer spending too much time alone.
  • Waiting for a text from my friend about booking theatre tickets to see a show in the week before Christmas.
  • Liking the new bubble bath I bought this week - it's blackberry blossom and wild fig.
  • Wondering when my nephew will collect the dining room table and chairs I borrowed from him when I first moved into this home.  I bought my own set back in August and have been waiting since then for him to arrange a collection date.  I'm seriously pushed for space so need this to be sorted.
  • Loving that it is nearly half term - only five more working days and then I have ten days break from work.
  • Pondering whether to change to the Slimming World eating plan.  I need to make some changes as the weight loss has ground to a halt (no loss, no gain for the last three weeks) but I'm also feeling hungry a lot of the time.  The problem is that I'll have to commit to the plan, i.e. paying my fee, before I can find out exactly what the current plan involves.  I did it a few years ago and know that it worked then but have also heard that they have made significant changes in the last couple of years but don't know how those changes will affect me. 
  • Considering changes to my budget and planning some economy measures so that I can find the money to complete the rest of the things I want done on the house without dipping into my savings.
  • Watching quite a bit more TV than usual.  Time to find the 'off button' again.
  • Hoping that I've finally found a choir to join.  The local Philharmonic group looks promising; I've sent an email asking for a couple of things to be clarified and am hopeful that the response will be favourable so that I can get started in time for the Christmas concert.
  • Marvelling at the Tower of London poppy display.  I'm going to see it during half term.
  • Needing nothing at all, but wanting lots of things!!
  • Smelling nothing as I have no sense of smell!
  • Wearing just my dressing gown. I don't have to work until this afternoon so haven't got dressed yet.
  • Following the antics of the new Doctor Who on Saturday nights.  I haven't made up my mind whether I like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor; I don't dislike him but at the moment he doesn't match up to the David Tennant era.
  • Noticing the autumn colours gradually changing the appearance of the countryside. 
  • Knowing that I should be getting on with the decluttering but losing interest.  I've shut the door to the third bedroom and, for the time being, am pretending it's not full of boxes that need sorting out.
  • Thinking about a colleague who is being tested to see if she has epilepsy.  A scary time for her and her family.
  • Feeling fragile!  I took the day off yesterday after a night long bout of vomiting and I'm still feeling drained.  Back to work today though.
  • Admiring the synopsis for a book my friend is planning to write. If he ever gets it published I'll be buying the first copy!
  • Sorting out a selection of books to read - it's Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon this weekend.
  • Buying Christmas gifts for family and friends.  This year I'm determined to have everything bought by the beginning of December. 
  • Getting off my backside to do some ironing when I've finished this post.  I need to iron my clothes for tonight - off out with Julie for a curry and then maybe on to a music night in Bradford on Avon.
  • Bookmarking lots of new recipes I've found on foodgawker.
  • Disliking the change in the weather.  I don't mind it getting cooler but when I have to work I dislike rainy days getting wet walking to and from the schools - I'm always carrying too much to be able to use an umbrella!
  • Opening boxes, discovering goodies that I'd forgotten I had!  So the question is ... if I'd forgotten them, do I need to keep them?
  • Giggling at some of the comments I overheard when some children were talking about the importance of Shakespeare.  I think their teachers would be disappointed ... I didn't know he played rugby!!
  • Feeling tired and out of sorts.  I hope the change in medication works this time and things get back to normal.
  • Snacking on nothing.  I'm watching my weight and am being really good about sticking to my plan, which doesn't include snacks.
  • Coveting nothing that come to mind. 
  • Wishing I could do watercolour paintings.  If I could choose a talent, that's what I'd choose to do. 
  • Helping out at the band every Saturday morning and still enjoying it.
  • Hearing the radio in the background, tuned to Classic FM. 

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