Sunday, 18 January 2015

18/365: More Organising

I always have band related stuff here but  have never had a designated place for it, so today I have rectified that omission. I've decided to use the other smaller unit in the living room - deliberately chosen for the fact that it is small, and so will limit the amount of band stuff I keep at home.
This is what it looked like before I started; some videos waiting to be converted to DVD, an empty box (why?!!), guarantees and instruction books and the gadget for fitting the glass shades on the ceiling lights.

This is the result of fifteen minutes sorting:
The videos are still there until I find time to save them to DVD and I've sorted through the guarantees and instruction books, keeping only the ones for the items I still have in the house.  The band stuff I'm currently working on is on the bottom shelf of the cupboard and the stuff piled on top will be taken back to the band cupboard next Saturday.
The empty box has been broken down for recycling and the gadget for the lights is  temporarily in a box with all the batteries and chargers - I still need to find somewhere to keep all that sort of stuff organised and easy to find.

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