Thursday, 8 January 2015

Weight Loss

My last post about my weight loss was weeks ago - 17th October 2014 to be precise - and at that stage my total weight loss was 38lbs.  Then I gave up!  Not a conscious decision, but I gradually drifted away from what was working for me.  I'm also now eating out more often as a lot of my new found social life seems to revolve around food!
So, time to see what's happened and get back on the weight loss journey.  I weighed myself just after Christmas and at that stage I'd put 3lbs back on but when I weighed this morning I'd managed to lose two of those extra pounds so my total loss currently stands at 37lbs. 
I've decided to continue with a combination of Slimming World (without attending the classes) and calorie counting, and see what happens. My target is to lose a stone (14lbs).


  1. Well done Eileen, hmm I seem to be the only one going in the wrong direction this week!! oops lol.xx

    1. That'll be the Pringles and the chocolate orange!!