Monday, 2 March 2015

Me on Monday

It's been a practically perfect, blue sky, fluffy clouds sort of day.  A bit of a cold wind, but then you can't have everything, sort of day.
Today was a teaching day and was good fun, after a very busy drive to the school.  The kids were focused and most of them had done their practice, so some progress was made.  True to form though Master G said he hadn't practiced because his dog was poorly, the same excuse he's been giving for the past few months ... I checked with his mum weeks ago when he first started saying it - he does practice, doesn't have a dog, has never had a dog, and doesn't know that I know that!  He just likes getting told off for some strange reason!
I had a long lunch break today, enjoying the sunshine, munching my sandwiches and reading some more of Wolf Hall.  It was too cold to sit out so I stayed in the car but it won't be too long before I can find a quiet spot to spread a blanket on the grass and enjoy my lunch sitting in the sun.  Something to look forward to.
I had a very short teaching session this afternoon and then home for a well deserved mug of coffee.  This evening will be much the same as the weekend - a quiet time at home just pottering about and doing whatever takes my fancy.
Joining in with Sian @ From High in the Sky.


  1. Sorry, just have to laugh at the boy with no dog! That's a good one.

    We woke up to some unexpected snow this morning, but it has disappeared now and we have a lovely late afternoon sunshine.

    Have a great week! oh, and you have inspired me to dig out my copy of Wolf Hall. I'm going to enjoy it all over again now the series is over

  2. Hi Eileen, thanks for your visit. Now you can watch de video. Hugs. Ailme