Monday, 20 April 2015

110/365: Q is for ... the Quackers!

So far this year my decluttering efforts have been focused on the things I want to get rid of.  All very necessary as there is so much that needs to go, but this month I'm having a bit of a change and will be looking at the special items I want to keep.
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These live in the bathroom window.  The chintzy duck on the right is actually called Quackers and was a thank you gift from my sister's three youngest children.  It marks that memorable occasion when they came to my home for tea ... and stayed for the entire week. We were having so much fun they didn't want to go home!  My sister had to keep sending more clothes round for them and they only went home then because I had to go back to work.

The smaller one is called Dibley.  Ced bought it for me when we went to Turville to see where the film Went the Day Well was made and, once we got there, realised it was also the location for The Vicar of Dibley and Goodnight Mr Tom. You can probably see that Dibley has been in the wars, the result of my niece tripping and knocking him off the bathroom shelf when she and her husband used to rent my house ... but a steady hand and plenty of glue later and he's almost as good as new!


  1. Both are cute; how sweet with the relationship you had with your sister's children that they felt comfortable with being with their aunt for that long :)


  2. It is only now reading this blog post that I realise you are English and not American - how odd that all of the posts I have read so far of yours have made me think of an American way of life - it just goes to show how sometimes you get an idea in your head and everything else fits around it!! I'm so pleased you called your duck Dibley else I might never had made the connection!!!!

  3. Both Quackers and Dibley look good, I would keep them too. Here from the A-Z and enjoyed your post. Awesome that your nieces/nephews felt so at home with you to stay that long, fantastic memories.
    Best wishes

  4. Haha, personally I'm glad you've kept the two quackers! I would have done that too! :-) xx