Monday, 10 August 2015

Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... drying out after getting soaked to the skin during my early morning walk, part of my 'get-out-and-walk-whatever-the-weather' exercise drive.  I may have to rethink this approach, as I now don't feel like doing all the other things on the list for today!
It's supposed to an at home, catch up with chores day - a food shopping, trip to the skip, do some housework sort of day.  Unfortunately, I've lost my enthusiasm for chores and it feels unlikely that much will get done.  I'll have to do the shopping because I've nearly run out of loo paper, which could be a bit dire, but as for the rest ... as the saying goes, tomorrow is another day!
You may have gathered that I have a bad case of lazyitis.  Again! Still, it's only me affected by it so I'm not beating myself up, just going with the flow.  I've had a busy holiday so far and, although I had a quiet Saturday, the rest of this weekend was packed with visits from friends and a trip out yesterday. This week will be a bit quieter so, if the weather behaves, I'll be able to get out in the garden and do the necessary around the house.  

So, that's Me on Monday.  How about you?

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  1. You had such a busy weekend why not go easy on yourself today? Me today? I am determined to do some catching up with my lovely blogfriends x

  2. There's something about a soaking like that which makes ordinary jobs seem so unappealing when you get back. Curling up with a book seems like a much better idea!

    Thanks for the good wishes. We are heading back to the hospital after lunch

  3. Lovely photo of the petunias. I hate that feeling of being soaked right through. Maybe your being is telling you to rest, slow down, just be. You are wise at your core to listen. Now a nice big mug of tea and enjoy those beautiful flowers :)

  4. I think it is good to be lazy; in fact I read on someone's blog today was National Laziness Day, so enjoy your lazies :) Tomorrow is another day to attempt to get some stuff done :)


  5. I got soaked too! Not before a sneaky treat of the most amazing waffles! haha! Have a gr8 week :)