Monday, 30 November 2015

Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... is fed up with the cold and rain, and is feeling a bit stir crazy.  I had plans to take some photos by the canal today but it is way too wet to consider going out.  Things are so bad that I've actually done all the housework today (I usually do it in small stages throughout the week), attempted some of the puzzles in my new puzzle book (harder than I thought they'd be!) and have started moving furniture around in the living room; I'd moved it all round last week and wasn't completely happy with the new arrangement so am now making some more changes to make it work, and look, better.
Saturday was very busy with the band; final practice in the morning and then the first of the Christmas commitments in the late afternoon when the band played at the Shopper's Carol Service in the Parish church.  We played a selection of carols before and after the service started (as people were arriving and leaving) and also accompanied some of the singing. We were really pleased with how the children performed - they did well, and for three of them it was their first ever public performance.
Sunday saw a trip to Bath with my photography friends and a photographic treasure hunt around the Christmas Market.  The weather was appalling, although the heavy rain actually held off for the hour we allotted to complete the hunt, and unfortunately there were just too many people around to be able to take any decent photos.  None of us were particularly happy with our efforts (being jostled by the crowds resulted in lots of blurry images!) but we all completed the list and enjoyed a chat over coffee in the café afterwards. I was glad to get home to a warm house and just shut the miserable weather outside.
As for the rest of today ... I have no plans.  I'll finish rearranging the furniture and then just see what takes my fancy. 
Hope you all have a good Monday.
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  1. That is my experience of the Christmas markets in Bath. It is just too crowded to enjoy it and I agree this weather is just so frustrating.

  2. Hoping the rain stops soon and some sunshine peaks through the clouds! I can get a bit stir crazy myself if too many rainy days in a row.


  3. Yep: you know it's got bad when you are re arranging the furniture. No: it wasn't much of a weekend here either: all my plans came to nothing while the others got out and about. Onwards and upwards, eh? To a better week ahead!

  4. I like your photo - it looks like I feel. Sometimes changing up furniture placement is all it takes to get the energy flowing again. Sending wishes for a sunny week ahead, and that your adventures can abound without worry about housework! Happy week.

  5. The weather has been so miserable this weekend, at least you went Bath but it's a shame you didn't get any good photos the market does get very crowded. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  6. Yes, so damp and windy - it's getting rather tiresome. My colleague went to Bath Christmas market and said it was great. I used to go regularly to them in Germany but it's been a few years. Coffee on a cold day with mates sounds good though.

  7. Is Christmas really that close ... oops i better get shopping and writing cards! What a shame you couldn't get some better shots around Bath ... it is such a beautiful place too. Have a super week.

  8. Olá Eileen, ruim o tempo por ai! Lamento!
    Aqui contrariamente não tem chovido.
    Adorei a sua foto e novidades!
    Desejo uma boa semana.

  9. It has been dull here but warm for the time of the year, yesterday we didn't put heating on. We had some strong winds but overall i'm counting myself lucky that we have missed the worse of the weather.
    Glad you were able to go out with your photography friends, shame you didn't getter better shots but good company makes up for that. Hope this week is better for you.

  10. I am sure that your singing was enjoyed! I hope that today was drier for you! xx