Sunday, 1 May 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful in April

I'm joining in with Ella's 'Reasons to be Cheerful', looking back through April to remember the highlights and the little things that brightened the month.

  • Enjoying the progress the new beginners have made in the youth band. Four of them are nearly ready to be promoted into the junior band and the rest are not far behind. It's always a good start to the weekend, spending time with enthusiastic children and sharing their delight as their playing improves bit by bit.
  • Attending a singing workshop and bumping into a friend I'd lost touch with. We didn't have much time to chat on the day but we've exchanged numbers and will be meeting up towards the end of next week.
  • Watching the changes announcing that Spring has arrived as I explore the village on my early morning walks, and ...
  • ... feeling the benefit of losing weight and starting to feel fitter. The effort is paying off and I'm beginning to feel better in myself.
  • Being given a brand new Pentax DSLR with three lenses and numerous filters - an unbelievably generous gift from people I don't know very well but who knew I'm interested in photography.
  • Absolutely loving my new car.  Driving is fun again!
  • I've managed some more decluttering during April.  It's mostly paperwork and teaching resources that I no longer need but its disposal is freeing up a lot of space around the house and I feel 'lighter' in myself as a result.
  • Keeping to my promise to have fresh flowers in the house makes it feel more like a home for some reason.  I've been treating myself to a fresh bunch every week.
  • Enjoying some fun outings, seeing Mamma Mia, Sean Lock, Altan, and Shakespeare Live! 
  • The kitchen/cloakroom improvements have started!! It's currently at the 'looking worse before it looks better' stage, but it should be finished next week.  I can then put all the stuff back where it belongs and reclaim my living room ... can't wait!


  1. Whoop to the weight loss/fitness regime and double whoop for the camera! If I could type this in green, I would!

  2. What very kind friends to give you the camera & lens - they recognized the talent :)

    When I look in my gratitude journal & review April, my home features a lot in my thanks.

  3. Glad you have good things to be glad about!