Monday, 2 January 2017

Memorandum Monday

Monday greetings to all of you and the first Memorandum Monday of the new year.

I've lost internet access on my main laptop and am writing this on the iPad so it's going to be a much shorter post than I planned - Blogger doesn't seem to like my iPad at all!

I've spent the morning planning new social events for January and February, and also trying to come up with a new timetable for fitting in the routine chores now that I'm backing teaching in a couple of my old schools.  I'm trying to be sensible and not overdo things so planned events so far are:

  • Cinema to see 'A Monster Calls'
  • Cinema to see 'A Streetcat Named Bob'
  • Theatre to see a biographic evening on the life and music of Cat Stevens
  • Theatre to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Theatre to see live recording of 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue'
The first four will be with various friends but I'll be going to the final one on my own.

I've been out in the garden for the first time this year, and to be honest it's the first time in ages. I have a few things I want to move/dispose of before the man comes to remove the decking so I made a start on it today, collecting up the cobbles I want to keep for use later on.  Some were stacked on the decking but approx. 15 minutes effort means they are now bagged and stored in the garage for the time being. I still need to move some of the plant pots but will need help with the bigger ones so I'm off to organise that now.

Thanks to Sian for organising this and I hope you all have a lovely week.


  1. Oh lucky you getting to see ISIHAC. I have applied in the past but no joy. Hope you get a good edition! I saw all the trailers for "A Streetcat Named Bob" and wasn't gripped but then I read an article about it and plan to go and see if I get a chance. Enjoy!

  2. can I come? We have all the cds and plan on going to a live show sometime. Love Cat Stevens too.

  3. I have had great problems using Blogger on my iPad, apparently Blogger and Apple have had disagreements and Blogger isn't updated on iPads.

    I borrowed my husband's laptop for my latest blogging, my laptop is nearly ten years old, today in John Lewis I considered buying a new one but,it,seemed wasteful for just blogging so will use DH's machine. I don't want to lose my few readers by switching to another provider.

    So it is not a problem with individual iPads, I do hope this doesn't mean that more bloggers stop writing, FB is ok for instant sound bites but not for a record of views.

  4. You have some good plans - sounds exciting. You are lucky to get out in your garden, mine is so wet at this time of the year it is a sea of mud which the dog is trying to bring in on her feet each day.

  5. My what a social calendar you have filled already. :) Mr Man & I were out on a walk this morning & we were talking about the very thing - planning some fun activities. Very pretty stones.

  6. Blogging on the ipad? Well done you: I've never tried that. I'm wishing you all the very best for the New year and I want to thank you for joining in in 2016 and helping to keep me going even when I wasn't feeling very inspired. Hope 2017 treats you well!