Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Day 40: A Teaching Day

I've finished all the presentations/workshops for the band so it's back to the normal routine, although I have no idea what the 'normal' routine is since I gave up most of my teaching commitments. Today is definitely a teaching afternoon in my Trowbridge school working with years 1 and 2. It's changed from last year as I used to teach years 3 and 4 as well but I'm happy with the change and am looking forward to just working with the younger ones - less crowd control and more making music and experimenting with rhythms. It'll be fun.

Later today we're going to an early screening of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and then for a meal. 

That leaves me with the morning free to do whatever I fancy. Some housework actually got done yesterday ... I know, I couldn't believe it either! I sorted out both freezers, including defrosting the small one in the kitchen as the door has been difficult to close since it iced up completely following something a friend did to the thermostat. I also emptied a couple of kitchen cupboards to clean them out and did a couple of loads of washing. 

Here's today's photo ... I love the autumn colours.

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