Sunday, 17 December 2017

Day 122: It Could Be Worse

Frustrating as it is that the boiler is having a funny five minutes, it could be worse. There is obviously something wrong but it is working intermittently so I still have hot water and heat. I bought a heater yesterday, just in case, and have switched it in for the first time this morning. In the end I managed to make the purchase of the heater into my (sort of) treat for the day by really splashing out on a Dyson Hot and Cool Fan Heater - expensive, but it'll double up as a fan in the summer and is very quiet so I'll be able to use it in my bedroom when it gets too hot (she says, trying to justify to herself why she's spent so much money on a heater!). 

Today is an at home day sandwiched between providing taxi services for Lauren, driving her to and from work. I'm hoping to finish reading my current book and then will clear the dining table and start on a jigsaw puzzle. I should really do some housework but I'm trying to ignore that nagging little voice which is telling me to get on with it. Actually, I'm doing an extremely good job of ignoring the voice of my inner housewife as I can honestly say that I haven't once felt the urge to start dusting or hoovering and am confident that should that urge raise it's ugly head, I will have no problems ignoring it! I've had a look at what's on TV but nothing stands out so I will probably do a bit more work on the family tree tonight. I've moved it all across to the new laptop and I want to tidy up some weird looking entries before I carry on discovering new information. 

Tomorrow is all about getting the boiler fixed. Then real life can resume!


  1. I#'ll be very interested in knowing what you think of the Dyson fan/heater. I have looked longingly at one several times.
    J x

  2. Hoping that the heater doesn't take either a lot time or money to get fixed. I have often wondered about the Dyson fan/heater ...