Monday, 19 March 2018

Playing Catch Up!

I'm behind with everything so it's not just the blog I've been ignoring.

Health wise, things are not great. My knee is still troubling me and now the other one is just as painful, so walking any distance is an effort. On the plus side the nosebleeds and migraines are starting to ease off, and the PVD in my right eye continues to improve. I had the appointment with the consultant about the 'freckle' in my left eye and left with the shocking news that it may be a melanoma. At the moment whatever it is contains features of both a benign freckle and a malignant melanoma but not enough to be certain either way, so they will continue to monitor it. Not really the news I wanted but at least it is being monitored.

I'll have all the quotes for the home improvements by the end of this week and can decide whether everything can be done. I'd added quite a few 'wants' to the list of 'needs' so fingers crossed that I can afford to get everything done now  so that the entire house will be finished. Work starts on the replacement windows within the next month and then the electrician will be in, followed by the plumber and carpenter. It's going to be a busy and messy few months ... but worth it!

I've already made some changes to teaching commitments. It's not been possible to change everything to the same day which means that I'm still tied to travelling during the school holidays so I've decided to stop running one of the recorder clubs when we break for Easter, a choice made easier as the parents weren't too good at paying! Another school may not have the budget to finance music lessons in the next academic year so that may all stop as well which will leave me with one afternoon's teaching from September. This will really open up the week for me and means that I'll be able to organise mini breaks away during the cheaper term time. I'll get some more brochures next time I go into town and start planning!


  1. WOW that is not the news you want, but as you say, the professionals are monitoring your eye. I am sorry to hear that your knees are playing up for you, it makes it hard to keep on top of the blood pressure & other health concerns. "if it's not one thing, it's another". I am trying to return to more regular walks & I must admit my "bad" hip is certainly letting me know that I need to do more stretching before I set off. I had dislocated this hip in a riding accident in my 20's & it seems to be making a return visit.

    The trips & outing adventures sound like a wonderful plan for some freer time. I'm sending off some happy thoughts. Oh yes, hoping to get those last few items ticked off the WPSH before Tuesday.

  2. No, not the best of news, I agree.It's very good that it is being monitored though.
    All those changes and plans - in many ways very exciting and I hope things work out just the way you want them to.
    J x

  3. Oh dear. I can imagine how worrying that eye news was to receive. You sound as if you are being very brave. I am glad that it was picked up so can be kept under close watch. All the best with everything. House stuff can be so stressful but fulfilling, and hooray to greater scope for holidays!

  4. Thinking of you. Hope it's all positive news.