Monday, 16 April 2018

Being Busy

I overslept this morning so have been trying to catch up with myself all day, hence this late post.

The chicken cooked in the slow cooker was a resounding success. It was falling apart so it was a doddle to separate all of the meat and divide it into individual portions. I've kept enough out for tomorrow and the rest of it is in the freezer. This was a really simple way of cooking a chicken and I'll do it again. It's my new favourite method after roasting!

Most of my day was taken up driving Lauren to Bristol Airport. We took the scenic route via Chew Magna and had a good natter on the way. I can't believe she is 21 next month. She's not even my child but I still can't help wondering where the time has gone and how she has grown up so quickly. I somehow got lost on the way home - I'm blaming the satnav - so was shattered by the time I got home. 

I opted to stay in tonight, watched a bit of TV, phoned Julie, and then read through my lesson plans for tomorrow to get them fresh in my mind. I meant to have an early night but made the mistake of checking my emails so ended up writing the responses to some that couldn't wait. Now I feel wide awake so I don't think sleep will come too easily. At least I can have a lie in tomorrow if needed!


  1. Better t0o get lost on the way home than the way there, I suppose, but not nice all the same. I dread getting lost (even with a sat nav).
    Hoping you have, in fact, slept well all night.
    J x

  2. It used to really upset me when I got lost until I met Mr M and he said "you can't be lost in this country, we can't be more that 75 miles from the sea wherever we are so all we can ever be is in the wrong place. Just have a map and a bottle of water at all times and make the most of seeing a place you've never seen before." I have to say that I never worried about it again.

  3. Sorry you got lost on your way back! I get all flustered when that happens to me! Glad to hear that the chicken recipe turned out well. I hope you were able to have a good night of sleep, after all, and the return to work went well.