Monday, 25 August 2014

This Summer!

I've been really lazy about updating the blog during my summer break from work.  Apart from the daily photo that is, but lots of other things have been happening, so here goes!
I had big ideas on what I'd do over the summer months but for one reason or another things haven't quite worked out as I planned. The Harry Potter Studio Tour has been postponed until later in the year as I couldn't co-ordinate a trip to the studio with all the other things I want to do during my stay in London.  I have to fit in with when my friends can go and it's now looking more like an October trip, so probably during half term.  The Bristol Balloon Fiesta clashed with other commitments so I could only go on the last day but decided against it on the day because of the severe weather warnings - maybe next year for that one.  I tried to book the Longleat trip using my Tesco vouchers but it seems that I don't have quite enough, so I'm waiting until I do which will probably be the start of the next season now (April/May).  I tried to book the cookery course but they still haven't given me a date (since June!) so I am looking for another course.
So that's all that I didn't do and now to what I did do.  I finally went on an open topped tourist bus in Bath!  Yay! I enjoyed it immensely, one of those things I wish I'd done years ago but isn't that always the same with tourist things on your doorstep?  I also completed the beginners quilting course, which was good fun and I'm now waiting for them to publish their list of courses for the next quarter to choose the next one.
I've done a bit in the garden but not all that I'd planned because I've had a couple of bouts of illness and when I've been well, the weather has been awful.  There's still plenty of time so do some of it if the weather behaves itself!  I want to at least remove the corner unit and get that area planted this year.  I've cropped the honeysuckle which grows over the fence so I can plant something there now as well.  I took a few cuttings from the honeysuckle before I attacked it and a couple of them are looking very healthy so when it's time it will be planted behind the garage, although it may have to be potted up until I get that space cleared.
Most of my time and effort has been spent sorting out the music room/study.  My nephew removed the dishwasher, plumbed in the new washer dryer and disconnected the old washing machine and tumble dryer.  All the old appliances have now gone to the recycling centre and I'm sorting the walls ready for painting - I've removed the shelves and have lots of holes to fill and sand down.  Or rather, that's what I should be doing but I'm not well again so work has ground to a halt for the time being.  I see my doctor on Saturday so hopefully this can be sorted out.  I've found the details of two local handymen so will be asking them to quote on some of the work I want done.
I've managed to keep up with my aim to get out and meet up with people over the summer break.  I've met with friends for lunch (Joy, Lyn, Julie, Suzy and Kate) and spent some time with family including a fantastic afternoon when Little Miss C and Little Miss H successfully played (!!) all my instruments - I apologised to the neighbours afterwards! 
I've also joined an organisation called 'Meet Ups'.  I'm not really a 'club' sort of person as every one I've ever joined seems to be hampered by power struggles and club politics so I never stay for long.  Meet ups seem an ideal way for me to meet new people - this is the 'about page' which explains about the organisation.  I've joined the 'Bristol and Bath Everything Group' which seems to have plenty of my sort of activities going on and as each event is on a first come, first served basis the people attending each meet up varies.  I've been to my first one, which was a book club meeting in Bath;  I enjoyed the meeting and got on well with everyone but didn't like the venue as it was too noisy for easy conversation.  The organiser is looking for a different venue for next time so I have booked my place for the next session when we will be discussing 'The Light Between Oceans' by M L Steadman - I can already see from the RSVPs that some of the same people will be attending but there will also be quite a few new people to meet. I've also put my name down for a curry night in Trowbridge and a ghost walk in Bradford-on-Avon.
There are some interesting photography groups on 'meet ups' but all based in Bristol so I had a look for one on Facebook.  I have joined an online Wiltshire based one, so will be looking to go on some of their events in the future.  I've also contacted the Bradford-on-Avon Photography Group with a view to going to a few of their meetings to see how I get on. I know this is complete contradiction of what I said in the previous paragraph about joining a club, but this group describes themselves as 'not being like the usual photography club cliché so it's worth a look. They meet in a pub, so it looks promising!
Well that's about it for my summer break so far.  I start back at work in just over two weeks and have to say I'm looking forward to getting back in the routine and meeting up with everyone.  Band starts again in three weeks and I think I will be restarting my degree course, so I'll have plenty to keep me occupied.  Sorry for a lack of photos in this post, I just haven't felt well enough to keep a photo record of what I've been up to.


  1. Sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell again, hope the doc can get you sorted soon.
    Joy x x

  2. Oh Eileen, apesar de tudo o seu verão foi muito proveitoso!
    Desejo-lhe boas melhoras! Abraço,

  3. Well done on achieving so much despite various setbacks. All in good time for the rest of your to-do list. And get well soon!
    Will check out some of your links - they sound interesting. Thanks!

    PS. I pop in now and then to see your pics - you have some really great ones which inspire me to take more notice of my plants!