My Bucket List

Personal Achievements:

  • learn to play the piano - started online lessons with C in September 2021, ongoing, took a break from July 2022 to January 2023 when I resumed face to face lessons with J and then switched to L
  • learn to speak Italian - started May 2020 using the Duolingo App, ongoing
  • improve my fitness - starting June 2022 with a target of being fit enough to walk with the Ramblers or similar, ongoing
  • complete a course - this still has to be decided and may be an OU course, an A level, or maybe continue with the photography degree. I'm wanting something that stretches my mind and pushes me out of my comfort zone. - for the time being learning to play the piano meets this criteria, i.e. stretches my mind and pushes me out of my comfort zone!
  • take up, or resume, a skill/craft - learning to crochet (2023)

Here's my bucket list of the things I'd like to do and the places I'd like to visit in the next year or two. 

1. Do the treetop walk at The Newt

2. Visit the chained library at Wimborne Minster

3. Arrange a theatre trip to London ABBA Voyage Concert (26/9/22); Les Mis√©rables (27/9/22); Once (12/03/23);

4. Book a coach tour holiday - destination to be decided

5. Book a day trip by coach - Day trip to Swanage (7/05/23)

6. Photograph a herd of deer

7. Explore Salisbury

8. Explore Bristol

9. Try out the monthly 'Ladies That Lunch' meal in Bradford-on-Avon 1st July 2022

10. Complete three Treasure Trail walks

11. Visit three new-to-me National Trust properties

12. Arrange a trip to the coast - Swanage (7/05/23)

13. Complete a canal boat trip

14. Try line dancing *

15. Take up Tai Chi *

16. Explore local history and places of interest

17. Attempt some bird photography

18. Enjoy an afternoon tea with a friend 2nd December 2022 with L

19. Read a book series - reading the Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley; book 1 The Seven Sisters (Nov 22)

20. Play a piano duet with L - started learning Scott Joplin's Stoptime Rag (April 23)

21. Meet up with my friend's daughters (and try to make this a quarterly or six monthly event so we keep in touch now they are no longer living at home!).

* these are dependent on my knee improving and being stable enough to stand up to the specific movement of these activities


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