Saturday, 31 October 2020


Having slept through most of yesterday I am determined to stay awake and enjoy today!

If the forecast is correct it will rain until lunchtime but we're promised a dry period this afternoon so, no excuses, I will be going out for a walk. I need a good dose of fresh air so, as I'm still without my car, I'll walk along the canal ... and maybe buy some chocolate on the way back home!

My car will be sorted out next week. T, my mechanic friend, is on holiday this week but will fit mine in when he starts back next week. I don't know if he is doing it here or taking it away - he'll let me know on Monday. I haven't needed it at all but I will still be relieved to know that I have a working car on the drive. 

There's a rattle in the attic when it's windy which is loud enough to keep me awake at night, so that's the next thing that needs attention. It's a fairly recent thing and I'm hoping it's as simple as air coming in through the air brick and making something up there flap in the air flow. It's not a continuous noise and only happens on windy days so I just need to puzzle out what's causing it. Only part of the attic is boarded so if I can't see what's making the noise in that area I will need to ask my nephew for help ... I just know that I'll end up coming through the ceiling if I try to walk across the rafters so best leave it to someone competent!

Apart from the walk and my daily Italian language practice, I don't have anything else I particularly need to do so it'll be a day of reading and an evening of TV, or Netflix if there's nothing worth watching on the Freeview channels.

Friday, 30 October 2020


Yesterday ended with everything in the correct room and in it's correct place. Nothing was attempted in the way of cleaning and won't until next week now as I'm feeling tired, so it'll be an easy day with nothing planned (but there are a few very quick and simple tasks on my list if I do feel the need to do something productive).

I have a few ideas for how to keep myself occupied today. I've missed a couple of the Churches Conservation Trust's lunchtime talks so could catch up with them on their YouTube channel, or there is bound to be something to watch on Netflix. Italian practice will definitely happen, but there's also piano practice, reading, and online games .... and one or two naps!

I'm not sure whether I will bother with 'The Shows Must Go On' offering tonight. It's Midnight Tango and stars a couple of the professionals from Strictly Come Dancing, but it's not really my thing. 

Thursday, 29 October 2020


My plans to do some housework fell by the way yesterday but I am pleased with the reason for the change and with what I achieved. 

I had a bit of a Eureka moment after breakfast. I'd put the breakfast dishes to be washed up, started the first load of washing and as I turned round to face the rest of the room it suddenly hit me - the rooms needs a good clear out! There's still some things in the room which are left over from the last big decluttering and sort out, all things I want to keep but which don't belong in this particular room. So that realisation was the starting point, and as I started moving items to the correct rooms I realised that I most likely gave up last time before I finished the job - there's nothing else to be disposed of but most rooms contain items that belong in other rooms. The house always looks tidy but it's just not quite how I want it.

Hindsight being a wonderful thing, I do wonder whether this has subconsciously played on my mind and is maybe a factor leading to the depression. Anyway, I started reorganising and ended up at the 'looking worse before but gets better' stage when I'd had enough for one day. Today I'll carry on, starting in the living room where there really isn't much to do, and then move on to the dining room. As well as putting all items away I plan to clean through each rooms before moving on to the next, and I'm starting with the downstairs as there is less to sort in these rooms. I feel quite positive about doing this so that in itself makes it worth the effort.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020


Yesterday was rather mixed but thankfully the good outweighed the bad. The bad, to get it out of the way first, was that my car wouldn't start. (In my expert opinion) the battery is completely flat - I don't know if the solution is a new battery or whether it can be jump started/recharged, but there will be a relatively simple solution so I'm not losing any sleep about it. I don't need to use the car in the next few days so will hopefully get it sorted at the weekend, with help from my nephew, my neighbour, or T the mechanic - I will take the supervisory role!

The good news is much more cheerful. First off, a lovely gift from J and R as thanks for letting them store things in my garage prior to their relocation. I am now the very happy owner of four packs of Christmas cards and two large planters, a very generous way of saying thanks.

Next, the post brought a couple of the goodies I'd ordered - the paper cutting kit and another puzzle book, both of which have been put in the cupboard for now. 

The last bit of good news was that the birthday card for my niece - the card I was late posting and which had my one remaining stamp on it, second class instead of the first class it needed - arrived on time for her birthday ... breathes sigh of relief!

Today I can't ignore it any longer - I need to do some housework so it's laundry day and I'll clean the downstairs rooms as well. I still have work to do on the shopping list part of the meal planning so I'd also like to get that finished and out of the way. The laundry will take most of the day because I will have to use the tumble dryer to get it all dry, but I hope to get the cleaning part over and done with this morning so that the rest of the day can be filled with more pleasurable activities ... piano, Italian practice, reading, and watching The Show Must Go On's screening of The Wind in the Willows musical.

Tuesday, 27 October 2020


It's turning out to be a productive week with minimal effort from me. My neighbour took all of the rubbish from the garage to the skip yesterday afternoon so I have done as much as I can in sorting out the garage for now.

I didn't go to the charity shop because a bag for a kerbside collection by one of the cancer charities was posted through the door so I'm repacking my donations and that will be collected from the front of the house tomorrow. This way it is guaranteed to be taken away whereas the charity shop have the option to refuse to take it if their stocks are too high. The kerbside collection will take books so I have quite a few that can go, and I will also take the opportunity to look through my clothes and household linen and add any unwanted items to the pile.

After a couple of false starts, my Christmas preparations are coming along nicely but I won't bore you with it until December, except to say that I ordered a couple of treats yesterday and will be ordering the rest today.

The choir concert was a brilliant way to end the term. Because of the time lag between Zoom and the various computers we are all muted and can only hear M (the choir leader) so each choir member is effectively singing a duet with her although she can't hear us. It's not ideal but definitely better than no choir at all, and M is so full of personality that she never fails to make the sessions a success ... she's amazing!

Today ... I don't really know what I fancy doing. I will carry on with the meal plan and the shopping list, and also with the family tree, but apart from that it's anyone's guess. 

Monday, 26 October 2020

Me on Monday

Me on Monday is ...

... holding it together as far as the depression is concerned. The good news, although it is very early days, is that I've put the brakes on the decline for now and am still managing to attempt and complete simple tasks. I wouldn't say that my mood is improving yet but the fact that I can still make the effort to do something every day is a very good sign.

... moving some things out of the house today. I sorted out some donations to take to a charity shop and will try today at the hospice shop - they accept a maximum of five bags per people from 10 am until their quarantine room is full, so I plan to take three bags there for their 10 am opening time. This afternoon my neighbour will take a car load to the recycling yard for me, so that will clear out the majority of rubbish from the garage.

... meal planning for November/December. I have a supermarket delivery booked for the 10th November so want to work out what I need to buy for some of new recipes I'd like to try, plus it's also time to restock most of the cupboard basics.

... thinking about how to celebrate Christmas this year. I was going away but that was cancelled back in June so I need to make some decisions on what to do for a solo Christmas at home. I'll definitely spend the holiday season at home on my own even if the rumours of relaxing restrictions for the Big Day prove to be true. I'm quite at ease about being on my own but do want to make it special, so I am hunting for ideas.

... looking forward to choir tonight. It's our mega sing through of all the songs we've worked on since the start of lockdown, so practice time is over and it's our virtual concert! Christmas music starts next week 🎄🎶

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Weekly Reflections

  Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • receiving interesting parcels filled with fun activities
  • booking a supermarket delivery slot for the first week of November 
  • the relief that twisting my knee last Sunday didn't set me back for too long
  • flowers on the table (even though I had to buy them myself!)
  • making progress on the family tree
  • edible treats!
  • watching The Shows Must Go On, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of War of the Worlds
  • all the bulbs and plants are in the ground
  • a long chat with J
  • a visit to the Animal Park with L

I am grateful ...
  • for the support of friends 
  • for the technology that enables me to purchase everything I need online

Lifestyle Changes
  • Knee Strengthening (every day): achieved
  • Exercise (a minimum of 4,000 steps every day): only achieved on 6 days out if 7. We won't mention last Sunday!
  • End of Day Routines: well it's heading in the right direction! Mornings are easier than nights which is probably to do with not being active enough to be tired at bedtime.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Garden Update No 9

Apart from the fruit trees, which still haven't been despatched, the rest of the back garden is planted up and we're now playing the waiting game. There's still room for the  gladioli and Angel's Fishing Rods, which won't be sent until next year, and somehow we will have to find spaces for some Summer Snowflakes but that's it for planting in the ground. I've been given my orders to wait and see what it looks like next year before I buy anything else, when it'll be clear if there are any gaps or if things need to be moved round. 

M was here for a couple of hours yesterday, planting the alliums and spring vetch, and just generally tidying up. These are the alliums I chose ...

Allium Eros

Allium Silver Spring

Allium Christophii

Allium Oreophilum

and these are the plants ...

Spring Vetch

Knautia Macedonica

This means the winter months will be the time to decide which annuals I'd like to replace the potted bulbs that will be removed once they've flowered, and plan what I'd like to do with the front garden - I currently have no idea!  I also want to give some thought to the plants in pots on the patio - there are still some empty pots to fill and my original plan was to buy quite a few more, all different shapes and sizes to add some variety. 

Friday, 23 October 2020


It's gardening day today. M will be here this morning to plant up the four plug plants (can't remember what they are!) and the allium bulbs. I'm still waiting for notification about the fruit trees but as M will be working in my neighbour's garden and has an hour or so to spare, it makes sense for her to come to me too.

Today's task is to complete the tidy up of the laptop and phone. There's not much more to do and if I finish early enough I will make a start on the letters I want to write - all are family tree related and while none of them are urgent, it'll be good to get started on the enquiries.

It's scheduled to rain this afternoon so I won't be going out but I have arranged What'sapp calls with a couple of friends so have something to look forward to and it will break up the day. Even thought I not getting away from the house for walks and a change of scene, I am still achieving my daily steps targets so I'm pleased with that.

Tonight I will definitely be watching The Shows Must Go On's offering which this week is Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of War of the Worlds. I love the music and, more importantly, this will bring back special memories of so many evenings spent listening to the album with Ced.

Thursday, 22 October 2020


I ended up changing my plans yesterday but despite that I had a lovely relaxing day, complete with the added pleasures of cheesy loaf, chocolate, and salted caramel ice cream! I didn't quite finish the daily task and decided against going for a drive round but did do the shopping, hence the tasty treats.

I ordered a death certificate as part of my family tree research and that arrived yesterday. I'm glad I ordered it because the name of the wife wasn't the name she was known by in the family but this piece of information has helped me find some other details on my grandfather's brother, so it was money well spent. 

It's supposed to be sunny today so if that turns out to be the case I will take the opportunity to photograph the patio furniture with a view to selling it. Today's task is to finish off the filing and then find out all the stuff in the garage that's due to go to the skip; my neighbour is going to take it to the skip for me so I want to reorganise the bags to make the disposal easier at the other end. It won't take long and I'll feel better once it's done.

I need to post a birthday card so that'll definitely get done and, energy levels permitting, I'll carry on along the road and walk around the marina. The tiredness is a symptom of the depression and will correct itself in time so I'm not fretting about it and if I don't feel up to the marina walk, then that's fine. I find it helps to have an idea of what I could do even if, more often than not when I'm feeling like this, I choose not to.

I'm on a roll with the family tree so that will definitely get my attention today and today's task is to tidy up the laptop and phone, deleting unused bookmarks and documents I've saved 'just in case'. I'm not sure how long this will take and, as I still need to complete the filing from yesterday, it may end up being finished off tomorrow.