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The September Garden

Unfortunately the garden has suffered from my neglect recently. M is still visiting every two weeks to keep on top of the weeding and general maintenance, but my own efforts at regular watering have been sadly lacking as the migraines continue to affect everything. Despite that, the garden is looking better than I have any right to expect. The purple verbena lollipop has self seeded and is taking over but, as it's thriving on my neglect, it can stay for now. It does look pretty but there is just too much of it and I'd prefer more variety next year. The two climbing roses in the corner (the red one and the cream one) and a pink bush rose that you can't see in the photo have really suffered from the unwanted attentions of ants and all three plants were really struggling. M took on the battle and she's winning, thankfully. The two climbers have produced more flowers but are sadly lacking in foliage, though they both look a lot healthier than they did. The bush rose is not

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