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  The cleaner will be here later this morning, so she'll leave the house sparkling, as she usually does. That's the only thing in the diary for today so once she has finished the rest of the day is my own to occupy myself as I see fit.  I want to carry on reading the book group choice. The meeting is on Monday, so I need to get it finished by then, and then I'll carry on looking at options for summer breaks. There's too much choice, that's the problem! I spent a good part of yesterday looking at places in Norfolk, which wasn't even on my original list but is now a distinct possibility!  I've received an appointment for the retina clinic at the  Royal United Hospital for the annual check of my left eye, so that's a relief. It was due at the beginning of January and it's now on the 18th March, so only a couple of months late, which I don't think is too bad considering how things are going with the NHS lately. While I'm at the hospital I will ch

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