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Wednesday 3rd August

215/365: verbena I'm having problems with Blogger. Again! I can only comment on a few blogs but in most cases, even if I can access the  comments box I can't publish the comment. This includes my own blog as well so, while I can read all of your lovely comments, I haven't found a way of responding. Hopefully it's a temporary glitch and will resolve itself quickly. I didn't find a suitable basket yesterday. There was quite a good selection but nothing in the right size to make best use of the space so I didn't buy one. It wasn't until I got home I thought of trying Wilko but couldn't be bothered to go back into town. I think I'll probably end up going back to IKEA and buying one of the boxes or baskets designed to fit the Billy bookcases ... and probably lots of other stuff because it's that sort of place! Personal training was really good yesterday. My knee still isn't 100% so the exercises were adjusted accordingly but I felt it was a great

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