Monday, 27 June 2011

Photographic Scavenger Hunt

I've just found this scavenger hunt which is organised by Postcards from the P.P.

Here's the scavenger list for June.  I haven't managed to find a closing date for June and as I have a busy couple of weeks I'll probably be too late to enter.  I'll still have a go, though. 
  • a childhood memory
  • a farm animal
  • a wheel trim
  • an elephant
  • architectural detail
  • cheese
  • cutlery
  • night
  • something beginning with z...
  • something with your town's name on it
  • the view right outside your door
  • tree branches
I'll be back later to update my photos.  Watch this space ....

architectural feature



farm animal
something with town's name on it


something beginning with Z

wheel trim
view from my front door

a childhood memory