Tuesday, 31 March 2015

90/365: Mouse Mat

Mouse mat | going to the skip.  This was Ced's, from years ago.  When we stopped using mouse mats it was just put away and forgotten about.  It's past its best and anyway, I don't use a mouse mat now so there is no need to keep it. I've put it in the bag to take to the skip.
Well, that's March over and done with and I've achieved my target of getting rid of (at least) one item a day.  Tomorrow sees the start of April and the A to Z Challenge when I'll be looking at the various items I'll definitely be keeping.

Monday, 30 March 2015

89/365: Hand Made Cards

Hand made cards | donating to one of the local retirement homes.  I have quite a lot of cards that I've made at crafting events but which I have no interest in using for their intended purpose.  Whilst I've enjoyed learning the techniques and skills needed to produce the cards, the end results are too fussy and over-decorated for my tastes so they have just sat in a box and I know I will never use them. 
I may be a bit slow on the uptake but I now know that I prefer the CAS style (clean and simple) of card making, which is why I've been getting rid of a lot of the crafting supplies that I won't have a use for, and is why all of the sample cards are going as well.  I'll still use the techniques I have learnt, but in moderation to fit in with the CAS style.  To be honest, it feels like a bit of a light bulb moment to have realised that this is my preferred style and I can now see that I will definitely start crafting again, something I was unsure of until this month.  In the meantime, I'll be getting rid of the rest of the unwanted crafting materials.

Me on Monday

Me on Monday - it's been a lazy start of the school holidays sort of day so far. A doing very little and not feeling guilty about it sort of day. A reading (Gok Wan's autobiography), eating, drinking and not bothering to get dressed sort of day. 
This lazyitis (I don't know if that is a real word) is the result of the tiredness after a manic school term combined with the exertions of an extremely busy weekend.  On Friday I saw Alan Davies, the comedian, on stage in Swindon.  I've only really seen him in Jonathan Creek and on QI so didn't know what to expect from his stand-up routine, but am happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of his act and I laughed so much I couldn't get my breath.  He was hilarious and I recommend his act to anyone.
The only downside of going to Swindon is the long drive home - over an hour. It took ages to get out of the car park, at least thirty minutes waiting, so it was gone midnight by the time I got home and I was shattered - this was after a full day teaching that had started at 8:30am.  But ... it was already Saturday, there was no band practice and I could sleep in as late as I wanted.  Wrong!
At 7:30 on Saturday morning I was rudely brought out of a deep sleep by the door bell ringing.  I staggered downstairs to see what was happening - the first thought was an emergency of some sort - so I was relieved (sort of) to open the door and see my friends from Kent grinning at me.  This would be the friends I wasn't expecting until the afternoon, so after the initial shock/relief I managed to fix a smile/grimace on my face and welcomed them in.  Apparently they'd thought to surprise me and take me out to breakfast - well, they managed that alright! So I showered and dressed and off we went.  Breakfast led to shopping, which led to lunch, which led to a walk along the seafront at Weymouth (I don't know how we got there and annoyingly I didn't have my camera with me!), which led to an evening meal in a pub, which led to me (as the only sober one) driving home, which led to finding somewhere for them all to sleep.  I made it to bed at 2:30 on Sunday morning.
I have no idea where they got their energy from but we were up again at 8 o'clock on Sunday and off to look around a car boot sale, then out for lunch and I waved them off at about four in the afternoon.  Lovely to see them but also lovely to see them go on this particular occasion!
So, the rest of Sunday was spent calculating and submitting my invoices so that I can be paid, and then just curling up on the sofa and reading.  I was in bed by 9 o'clock and fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
How was your weekend?
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Sunday, 29 March 2015

88/365: Energy Monitor

Energy monitor | given to a friend.  This was provided free of charge by my energy provider and when I originally requested it, it duly turned up and was installed.  Then a week later a second one turned up, which I queried and returned as instructed.  There is obviously something wrong with their system as this is the third one, which turned up about a month after I'd returned the second one.  As they are free of charge I've passed it on to a friend who uses the same supplier.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

87/365: Wireless Router

Wireless router | given to a friend.  This router was installed for a while in the old house but never worked properly - I don't know if it is faulty or just wasn't set up properly.  I don't need it in this house and a friend was asking around for one so that's where it's gone.  He knows about the problems with it but wants it anyway!

Friday, 27 March 2015

86/365: Marker Pens

Marker pens | going to the skip.  These either have ruined nibs or have dried out, so will be dumped next time I go to the skip.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

85/365: More Coloured Pencils

More coloured pencils | to be given away.  When I found the other box of pencils I sorted out what I wanted to keep so everything in this tin will be going.  These will be given to the local women's refuge hostel (if they want them).

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Photo Pairs

I was waiting outside of my Friday school, pondering what I could do for the Photo Pairs this week when I thought of a photo I'd taken at the school a couple of years ago, on a sunny autumn day if I remember correctly.  I had my little snappy camera with me so I took another photo to pair with the older one, this time on a slightly dull spring day, but you can't have everything!  It's not a then and now pairing - this week I've gone for ...

The Alphabet Project | K is for Keys

Linking with PODcast's Alphabet Project and the letter K ...

Here are three keys from my collection.  From this angle they just look like ordinary keys.  They are  not a set; the one on the left is much earlier than the other two and, although the others look to be the same, the collars are different.  Have a look at the second photo to see what is unusual about them.

They are chatelaine keys and would have hung from the belt of the housekeeper in a large house.  When she looked along the shaft of the key she was able to quickly select the correct key, just by looking at the number.

84/365: Rusty Tweezers!

Rusty tweezers | going to the skip.  I think these tweezers were kept in the workshop for the odd occasion when he got bits of swarf caught in his fingers.  Anyway they are rusty and I have much better quality ones that I'm keeping, so these are off to the skip next week.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

83/365: Printer Bits

Printer bits | going to the skip.  These were part of the printer and ink system I took to the skip earlier this year. They are definitely not part of my current printer so are no longer required and will be taken to the skip next week.

Monday, 23 March 2015

82/365: Postage Stamps

Postage stamps | to go to one of my schools.  I found an envelope full of used postage stamps that Ced used to collect for charity.  I know that one of my schools has a collection box for just this purpose so I'll let them have these.  I just have to remember which school it is!

Me on Monday

I've been teaching all day but finished early enough to drive over to Corsham to collect my flute.  I stupidly dropped it (contrary to everything I say to my pupils about being more careful with their instruments!) and it was very poorly indeed, almost unplayable if that's a proper word.  It's been brought back to health by an extremely clever repairer - I'm fairly sure he was trained at Hogwarts - and is now as good as ever and so much easier to blow, which is a relief! I've missed being able to play it so am planning a little toot on it later on, once I've finished all the boring housework stuff that I can't put off any longer.
The start of my weekend was busy with the annual Easter Concert at band, followed by the Easter egg hunt for the children. Saturday was also the set date for the monthly Photo an Hour which I managed to complete again this time, and which you can read about here. If that wasn't enough, it was also the final day of the Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt so I also updated my blog with the final photos.
Sunday was a lot quieter and, apart from feeding myself and drinking copious amounts of coffee, all I did was update my blog and then lots and lots of reading. I could feel myself relaxing as the day went on and that, combined with a reasonably early night and a good sleep, set me up for the final week of term.

How was your Monday?

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Day In Photos | Saturday 21st March 2015

Saturday 21st March 2015 was the date set by Jane and Louise for their Photo An Hour.  

So, here's my day in photos ...

7 o'clock | Breakfast, showing here a bowl of cereal with soya milk but not showing the two large mugs of coffee I needed to get me going!

8 o'clock | Today at band it's the Easter Concert and Easter Egg Hunt, so uniform is required. I got it ready last night and left it hanging on the back of the bedroom door.

9 o'clock | Opening the band cupboard before everyone arrives.  This is what it looks like when you pack away in a hurry!

10 o'clock | Setting up.  They're getting the drum kit out, children's instruments being checked and valves oiled, dressing everyone in band ties and sorting out the music for the concert. Then a quick warm up and practice.

11 o'clock | Okay, I didn't take this one myself as I was playing!  The middle girl is Lauren, my friend Julie's daughter - she usually plays baritone but helped out on solo cornet today as we were seriously lacking people playing the main tune!  You can't see me in this photo, but I'm sitting at the stand just off camera at the top left of image, playing tenor horn.

12 o'clock |  The Easter Egg Hunt and a slightly out of focus shot of the eggs found by one of the girls.

1 o'clock | I stopped for a chat with Julie when I dropped Lauren back at home and I borrowed these films to watch sometime during the week.  

2 o'clock | A late lunch, the remains of last night's Indian takeaway.

3 o'clock | Getting on with the decluttering.  

4 o'clock | A flying visit from T to give me these tulips.  They were given to her but she doesn't like cut flowers in the house so passed them on to me.  I'm not complaining!

5 o'clock | Updating my blog.

6 o'clock | Looking for something for my evening meal - I settled on fish in the end.

7 o'clock | Tidying the kitchen before I settle down for the evening.

8 o'clock | Soaking in the bath.  Luckily I didn't drop the book in the water - it has been known to happen - as it is a library book!

9 o'clock | Watching a drama-documentary on BBC iPlayer - Murder on the Victorian Railway - about the first murder to be committed on a British train back in 1864.

That's my final photo for the day as I sort of ran out of steam and didn't take any more.  I stayed up until midnight reading, and then started watching Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, finally getting to bed about 2 o'clock.

81/365: Obsolete Documents

Obsolete documents | to be shredded.  I have no idea why this wasn't thrown out years ago.  It's my initial attempt to complete the form to claim carer's allowance but was never finished as I eventually submitted it online. 
I've reached a stressful stage of the decluttering and something I've been putting off doing, but I'll feel much better when it's done.  I'm gradually working my way through all the documentation relating to Ced's illness and care at that time - there's absolutely loads of it!  I don't think anything needs to be kept for legal reasons, but it all needs to be read through so that decisions can be made on which documents, if any, to keep for family history records. 

Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt | Completed List

Here's my final post on the Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt, showing my best (or in some cases, the only) images for each prompt.

Click here to see all the other participant's photos. 
1. Reflection in water

2. Someone wearing a funny hat

3. Ornate door knocker

4. Breakfast

5. Something that is over 100 years old

6. Winter weather

7. Someone dressed for the season

8. A fish

9. Festive lights

10. A letter shape in nature or in an object

11. Polka dots

12. Silhouette

13. Stained glass window

14. Partly built new building

15. Bunting

16. A collection

17. Texture

18. Shadow

19. Street musicians

20. Nativity scene

Alternative A. New life

Alternative B. Decorated tree