Tuesday, 30 June 2020

SPSH First link up

It's time for the first link up for the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt and the opportunity to see how all the other participants are getting on. I think that seeing how everyone has interpreted the prompts is the best part of the hunt, so here are my efforts so far. They have all appeared on my blog at various times in the month but I've grouped them together in this post to make it easier to see. 

2. Something with or in a knot

3. Something with the colours of your country’s flag

4. a toy you play with 

6.Something in the shape of a triangle

7. Something that displays a rule(s)

9. Something that starts with the initial of your name (first or last)

17. something naturally round

20. something with the number 7 in it

Alt C. something with four sides

Many thanks to Mary-Lou for organising the hunt. There is still time to join in if you'd like - the list of prompts and the rules of the hunt can be found here.

Lifestyle Goals: Monthly Review for June 2020

Here is my update for June, stating my goals and the bullet-pointed task list that I'll tackle during the month to help achieve the goal. Last month's ratings are shown in black and the start of the current month is shown in yellow.

My goal is to achieve a lifestyle where I can honestly say that I LIVE A FULFILLED LIFE [8][8.5]To achieve this I want to focus on the sub-goals shown in bold text. 

These are the sub-goals where I have achieved the maximum rating. Each sub-goal still requires a degree of effort to maintain that rating but I feel I have developed the habits to support this.
  • I am financially secure and am completely debt free [10][10]
  • I take an active role in my local community, and have strong bonds with family and friends [10][10]
  • My home is always clean and tidy [10][10]
  • I have a positive outlook on life and am benefiting by avoiding bouts of depression and keeping my emotional well being at a healthy level [10][10]

I have revised my ratings on the following sub-goal:
  • I make best use of my time to lead a full and productive life [8.5][9] I've changed the rating as I'm somehow getting things done. My Big List of tasks that seemed impossibly long is now nearing completion so although I haven't quite worked out how, I am being productive as and when it matters. I think the 'as and when' part of that sentence is the most important - I am retired, life has slowed down due to the pandemic, and I am learning that I don't need to be productive 100% of the time ... sometimes it is fine to just 'be'!
  • My garden is always tidy and presentable [6][7.5] I have Danielle and I have a plan. What more can I say! 
  • I live life now, in the moment [8.5][9]  The slower pace of life has made this so much easier to achieve. I am learning to fully enjoy however I have chosen to occupy my time.

The ratings haven't changed for the following sub goals and are the ones that still require improvement. 

  • I eat sensibly and healthily and am benefiting by losing weight and experiencing increased energy levels [9][9] On the whole I eat sensible and healthily so I now need to focus on losing weight. 
  • I lead an active life, benefiting from increased fitness and improvements in my general health [7][7] This continues to be the aspect of life that I am most concerned about. I can exercise (with caution) so have to get back to the discipline of daily exercise.
  • I strive to remove my attachment to material things [9][9] I think I am nearly at an end with the decluttering - it's sorted and separated, ready to sell/donate/dispose but the final stage will have to wait until my own lockdown arrangements are relaxed.

My focus word for 2020 is simplify and I am starting by working my way through the house to remove excess, unused, and unwanted items. My SMART tasks (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely) are all to do with simplifying life: 

My SMART tasks for June were:
  1. Monitor the food situation at home and meal plan to make best use of supplies  - ONGOING
  2. Complete the photo file organisation - ACHIEVED
  3. Remove at least 20 items (sell, dispose or recycle) - ACHIEVED (although the majority of the items are still in the garage awaiting disposal when I feel it is safe to go the the recycling yard and the charity shops)
  4. Order additional pots for the garden - POSTPONED until the main planting is completed
  5. minimum of 15 minutes of exercise daily - 40% SUCCESSFUL. I'm still struggling with joint pain so exercising every day is not happening. I need a different approach but don't know what yet.

My SMART tasks for July are:
  1. Monitor the food situation at home and meal plan to make best use of supplies  - ongoing
  2. Complete the initial garden plan to discuss with Danielle - by 6th July 2020
  3. Contact the reclamation yard to see if they are interested in buying the studio lights, etc. - by 31st July 2020
  4. Assess finances and revise budget - by 31st July 2020
  5. minimum of 15 minutes of exercise  three times a week - ongoing

Monday, 29 June 2020

Garden Ideas 1

When I had the hard landscaping done in 2017 my aim was to have a garden that was mostly patio with limited ground planting and with the majority of plants grown in containers. That still applies. It'll be predominantly a flower garden but there is scope for growing some fruit and vegetables if I decide I want to. I'd like to end up with all year round interest but especially a selection of plants which flower for prolonged periods during the warmer months. The plants already in the garden will be staying but may be moved to new positions. 

Here's a (very) rough outline sketch of the garden so you can follow what I'm talking about. It's not to scale and doesn't show the changes of height where the path is. That actually says 'HOUSE' not 'HORSE' - I had to fold the paper because I'd drawn the patio way too wide 😂

The parts marked as A, B, C and D are beds that will eventually be planted up. E is where the poorly burgundy clematis is, and F is where the pots are.

I'll start with E. I know I should have given more consideration to labelling each area but E is the easiest to discuss so it's going first! There is a trellis fixed to the back wall of the house and this is currently the home for the poorly pot grown clematis. The clematis will be moved to C once it's been pruned (whenever that is!) and pampered when it's replanted against the fence. In it's place against the back wall of the house I'm going to have a small container grown honeysuckle, probably this one - Rhubarb and custard, which has a height of 2 metres and spread of 1.5 metres. 

F is where the plants currently in pots will continue to live. I haven't drawn this properly as it's more of a narrow triangular shape than it appears in the sketch and there are also a couple of pots by the top triangle on the left hand side. These could all do with being repotted. The euonymus definitely needs to be in a much bigger pot as does the pieris. There is also the hydrangea fire and ice, and the magnolia tree I was gifted. This part of the garden has some shade in the morning but seems to be the best place for these plants and they've all done well here. This is also the area where I have the table and chairs.

D next. Apart from being weeded and generally tidied up, this part of the garden won't get much attention this year. This is where the two climbing roses are and I have no plans to move them although they need to be pruned and tied in properly. There is also a third rose at the end of the fence nearest the house which was bought as another climber but which clearly isn't! It flowers, a beautiful white rose, but it's scared of heights or something and isn't even tall enough to reach the trellis after three years! Just below the actual letter D in the plan is where my neighbour's honeysuckle grows over the fence. I'm perfectly happy about this as I can enjoy the beauty of it without the constant battle to stop it from taking over, but equally I will ask them to cut it back if it ends up interfering with my plans.

My water supply is on a meter so I want to take this opportunity to improve the water butt situation in the garden. I currently have a very old 100 litre water butt which is on its last legs and the tap is temperamental so water quite often drains away, so I've been looking for alternatives that will improve the storage but won't take up too much room. I've found this ...

... which holds 320 litres with space to plant in the lid. The B & Q website doesn't specify the height but I will order one to replace the existing butt as it can't be seen from the house anyway. It'll be sited where the existing water butt is so will be fixed to the down pipe from the garage and set at the end of A against the garage wall. 

I'll share my ideas for A, B and C on Wednesday.. 

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Weekly Reflections

Reasons to be cheerful ...
  • coming second in the final street quiz and winning a bag of jelly babies 
  • seeing the progress in the garden 
  • there are now ten leaves on the magnolia tree!
  • an unexpected tax refund, not a huge amount but it will pay for two or three plants for the garden
  • a surprise visit from one of the children I used to teach with a beautiful bunch of flowers to say thank you for teaching her to play her cornet
  • winning the choir quiz

I am grateful ...
  • for a week of decent weather
  • for the NHS
  • for electric fans and cooling showers

Saturday, 27 June 2020


I didn't make any progress with the banking queries and eventually gave up in frustration. I need to speak to Customer Support at my own bank but the phones were busy all day; when I eventually got through I was in a queue with an estimated waiting time of 50 minutes so it's on the list again for Monday!

I photographed a few items and decided on the wording for the adverts for when I'm ready to list them online. I found out that one of the reclamation yards accept online enquiries and, if they are interested in buying, will make an offer in writing and will pay cash when they collect. I'm going to contact them about some of the things in the garage to see if they are interested as that will be an easy way of disposing of quite a few items.

The choir quiz was on last night and it was one of those times when I just knew the answers. I won with a score of 63 out of 72, my best score yet.

After that, I spent the remainder of the evening looking through YouTube. I started with the intention of finding a musical to watch but ended up watching videos of gardening ideas. 

Today, is going to be a 'whatever I fancy' day. I don't have any plans, may go out for a drive if it stays dry or may not ... who knows? 

Friday, 26 June 2020


It's finance day today, so a must do task which thankfully means staying indoors. In a cool room! With plenty of cold drinks! I don't cope well with this heat.

My bank has 'updated' the terms on one of my accounts so I want to assess their other types of accounts to see if one of those would now be better and while I'm doing that, I may as well check what all the other banks are offering. I'm hoping it won't take too long. I have some filing to do as well.

Once that's done, assuming I can summon up the enthusiasm, I want to take some photos of the things I want to sell. Over the next week or so I'd like to get all the photos and descriptions of each item ready, but I won't necessarily place the adverts yet. Most of the items will be sold as 'buyer to collect' and I don't feel ready to have people coming to the house. One possible approach is to complete the transaction in the garage where social distancing is possible, but I need to think about it.

It should be the choir quiz tonight but I'm not sure if it'll be on as there is a choir Zoom social evening on Sunday which will also include a quiz, so this evening's one may be cancelled. I have something arranged with friends so can't 'go' to the social which is a shame. The musical being screened is the encore version of The Sound of Music which I watched about four weeks ago so I will probably give that a miss as well.  I'll have to find something else to do instead won't I?

I know! I can carry on searching for planting ideas. I have the bones of an initial plan which I will discuss with Danielle next time she is here - most of the proposed planting is my 'ideal' but I may need to tweak it if she thinks certain plants won't do well in my garden, or she may have better suggestions. I can share the plan with you if you are interested?

Thursday, 25 June 2020


I think it's Thursday. To be honest, I've lost track after a rather strange day yesterday when I was convinced it was Friday. In my defence, I didn't sleep well due to the heat and then spent most of the day alternating between wanting to sleep, feeling nauseous, and shivering! I'm perfectly fine today, so no idea what that was all about.

The highlight of the day was a flying visit from one of the children I used to teach, with her mum, to give me these flowers as a thank you. It was completely unexpected but very much appreciated (apologies for the rubbish photo).

I made a start on firming up my ideas for the planting so will carry on with that today. It's good fun but I keep getting carried away with the sheer number of plants on my plan! It's a good exercise though because it's making me think carefully about what I want. I'm clear in my mind on the style of garden I want to end up with and have listed a few must have shrubs and plants but that's as far as I've got. I'm looking for suggestions on summer flowers, various heights, which have an open airy structure rather than mound forming - any ideas please?

I'll stay at home today. It's too hot to be out so I have a gentle day at home ahead of me in the cool of the living room ... aren't electric fans wonderful!

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Garden Update No 2

Danielle concentrated all her efforts on clearing the centre bed in the back garden. I felt so sorry for her as it was sweltering with no breeze and this is heavy clay soil that's over run with bindweed ....

.... but she did well and it's now completely cleared.  

We had a long chat about ideas for planting and Danielle is confident that she can get this part of the garden ready for September planting, this part being the centre bed, the gravelled area beyond it, and the narrow gravelled area to the right side in the photo. We've agreed that she will focus on preparing the ground, digging over and enriching the soil each time she comes while also working her way down the other side where the roses are to tidy things on that side.

We are working towards September as that's when a Wiltshire plant wholesaler opens his business to the general public to raise money for charity and we plan to be there, assuming it still goes ahead this year. I've been to one of these sales before and there are huge savings to be made so before that date we need to have settled on the planting scheme. Danielle will buy all the bulbs from her usual supplier because she is happy with the quality.

This all means that I can start planning in more detail. I need to measure up first so I stand some chance of working up a sensible plan. Danielle has made it clear that she won't over-plant areas like they tend to do on some of the garden makeover programmes so the initial planting may look a bit sparse until the plants grow. We're also putting aside part of one of her visits to discuss pots so I can get them ordered when the sales are on. 

The clematis will be moved in the September planting - I think that's what she said anyway. The plant is healthy but just looks pathetic at the moment!

I'll be sharing my ideas with you. That sounds a bit like a threat, doesn't it, but really what I'm asking for is all you gardeners out there to pitch in with ideas.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Gardening Day!

The highlight of today will be Danielle's visit to work her magic in the garden. Based on how much she achieved last time I think things will look very different by the time she finishes for the day. She'll be continuing with the weeding and clearing so it should be back to looking neat and tidy again.

I didn't make it to the White Horse or to Corsham yesterday. I'd decided on the White Horse but, checking a local site before I left home, there were reports that it looked like travellers were setting up camp so I decided to avoid the area. Instead I just went for a drive round, which gave me plenty of different sights to enjoy and definitely raised my spirits. It now seems that the report was incorrect so the White Horse is back on the list for later in the week.

The new arrangements for people in England who are shielding were announced yesterday. If I understand them correctly, from July 6th it seems I can follow the same relaxing of restrictions as the rest of the population and, as an adult living alone, I can also form a bubble group with another household. I don't plan to make any changes immediately and will carry on as I am now with the added mood busters of the occasional trip/walk locally. I want to wait and see what changes the next review brings for the people who have not been shielding as those changes will affect whatever decisions I make for myself. 

Monday, 22 June 2020


I haven't looked out the window yet but the forecast is for sun, no rain, so I am off adventuring for an hour or so this morning. It'll either be Westbury White Horse (but it may still be too wet after yesterday's downpour) or Corsham (where I can park and walk straight through to pathways crisscrossing a huge expanse of parkland - I think it belongs to Corsham Court). The housework is postponed, probably until tomorrow as I doubt I'll want to do it when I get back. 

I have some shredding to do this afternoon, and then I need to make a start on my next mini project. I will finish the filing boxes first but that will take hardly any time at all and then I want to continue sorting through my clothes. There's another charity kerbside collection tomorrow so that'll be a good way of disposing of another load of stuff.  

It's choir practice tonight. Despite the fact that life is undoubtedly lived at a slower pace and days can sometimes drag, the weeks are whizzing by. It seems only yesterday that we had the last practice but maybe that's an age thing rather than anything to do with the monotony of lockdown!

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Weekly Reflections

Reasons to be cheerful ...
  • winning a bottle of wine in last weekend's street quiz (I don't drink alcohol so gave it to my neighbours as a thank you for checking my car)
  • being gifted a gradient jigsaw puzzle. I've wanted one of these for ages 😊
  • winning the choir quiz
  • the excellent service received on the first delivery from Morrisons
  • strawberries!
  • continuing to enjoy reading and being lucky enough to have access to plenty of books
  • watching Peter Pan Live!

I am grateful ...
  • for cheerful and helpful delivery drivers
  • kind neighbours who let me fill up their green waste bins 
  • to those clever people who post 'how to' videos on YouTube

Saturday, 20 June 2020


I managed to cook the three things I'd defrosted the meat for before the electricity went yesterday. It was only out for a few minutes and there were several dips in supply through the day but no long periods without power this time. We all had a note through our door explaining that emergency repairs would be completed overnight so hopefully there won't be any more problems.

Electricity seems to be the focus at present as I also received an email from my power company (E.On) asking me to book an appointment for the free installation of a smart meter. I've taken up their option to delay due to shielding/high risk so will be contacted at a later date. One less thing to stress about for the time being!

I spent most of the day thinking about the garden. I'd like to replace this clematis as it's no longer doing well. It was here when I bought the house in 2013 and hasn't fared well in the storms we've experienced over the last few years - it's been uprooted at least three times and blown away from the trellis so many times I've lost count. I don't actually want to get rid of it but think it may do better in a more sheltered place in the garden and, as it's already in a planter, moving it should be easy. I'll see what Danielle thinks when she's here on Tuesday.

I spent quite a lot of the afternoon thinking through my garden ideas in more detail and will carry on with that today. The summer brochure from Whitehall Garden Centre dropped through the letter box and I was delighted to see a couple of pages of ideas for combining plants in patio containers. We're a long way from discussing specific planting but I've started listing my 'likes' by size, shape and colour so I can get a clearer idea in my head. I'm quite enjoying my virtual gardening but will need to whittle the list down considerably as my garden really isn't that big!

The tenth and final street quiz has been completed and handed back in. The couple who organise it have decided to stop now that so many places are opening back up and there is more choice on offer for people. I'll miss doing the weekly quiz but can understand their reasons for stopping - it's been one of the highlights of the lockdown period. Another highlight has been the choir quiz every Friday and guess who won last night? 😊

Apart from some more garden dreaming and planning, the other thing I want to fit in today is to watch Peter Pan Live! as I missed it last night.  It's supposed to rain again which means I won't be going out, so it's another quiet day at home.

Friday, 19 June 2020


It poured down all day yesterday and today isn't looking too promising. There are local flood warnings and some damage to buildings. The other end of the village floods regularly but, according to a neighbour, the causeway on the main road isn't under water yet though the flood plains on both sides of it are filling up rapidly. I live in the higher end of the village so there is no risk of flooding here thank goodness.

Of course, along with the flooding comes the power cuts so I didn't get as much of the cooking done as I was planning. I knocked the chicken and chickpea curry into shape and made a pot of Bolognese sauce and some potato topped fish pies but that was it. I'm hoping to cook chilli, fishcakes, and chicken tikka masala today so need the power to stay on this morning at least. Well I need the power to stay on all day but won't be too upset about the rest of the day as long as I get the food sorted. 

It's the choir quiz tonight followed by Peter Pan Live!, the show that was cancelled two weeks ago. I've fully charged the laptop just in case, so will be able to do both of these even if the power fails. 

This afternoon I'm planning a WhatsApp video call with J and L, and will carry on reading the book I started yesterday - Holding by Graham Norton. I enjoyed his other book so am hoping this one, his first novel, is just as good. Also the box files I need should turn up - I didn't order any as B is clearing out his study and is letting me have the one's he no longer needs. If they're okay I can get on with reorganising the paperwork next week and that'll be another job that I can tick off on the Big List.

Thursday, 18 June 2020


Yesterday was an undemanding day at home. The Morrison delivery arrived dead on time, was complete with only two substitutions (in both cases beef products were sent as substitutes even though I'd specifically requested no beef!), and the driver was extremely helpful. I'll be quite happy to use them again as an alternative to Tesco, and the free gingerbread man has nothing to do with that decision!

So now I need to think about some bulk cooking to replenish my stock of freezer meals. I made a chicken and chickpea curry in the slow cooker yesterday which was a bit of a disappointment so will throw some more spices and onions at it to sort that out today, and then will have a think about ideas for fish recipes as I found three packs of fish (which I don't remember buying) that need to be used up. 

I finally finished the tiny jigsaw - that was a hard one ...

... and made a start on the two-sided gradient puzzle.

I've gone from the tiny puzzle pieces of the Tower Bridge puzzle to the larger than usual pieces in this one. The following photo shows the size against a regular sized puzzle piece.

The two-sided aspect won't be as big an issue as I was expecting. The side I'm concentrating on is pink - yellow - green, and the reverse is purple - blue - pink, but it is really easy to tell which side of each piece is which so I won't get the different pinks confused. Of course, this could be 'famous last words' so we'll see how I get on!

There's supposed to be another thunderstorm today. At the moment there's no sign of it so I will go out for a walk as soon as I've had my breakfast ... a walk in the fresh air will do me good, I think. The light is not that good but I'll take my camera and hope for the best. 

We decided to have a break from the weekly quiz so tonight will be a film night instead and I'll watch The Choir on Film 4+1. In between the morning walk and the evening film I'll fill my time with cooking, jigsaw-ing, reading, and some form of music. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

5 in 5 | Rambling Rose

I'm joining in with Sandie's 5 in 5 monthly link up. 

This is how the monthly challenge works:

1. Choose a location
2. Have your camera ready
3. Set a mobile timer for 5 minutes
4. Take as many photos as you can until the time is up
5. Choose 5 of those photos to share via the link on Sandie's blog on the 5th of the month

This month I decided to photograph my rambling rose to show the stages the flowers progress through.

I was disappointed when this rose first produced flowers as it was labelled as a pure white rose and it clearly isn't, but I've grown to love it and it's now one of my favourite things in the garden.

It starts out at the bud stage in shades of apricot ...

... which deepen in colour with added touches of yellow as the flower grows and opens ...

... and gradually the apricot changes to pink, still with patches of yellow ...

... and as the flower nears the end the pink takes over but very quickly the outer petals starts to fade to white ...

... until right at the end when all the pink has disappeared and only the white remains.

Many thanks Sandie for organising this challenge. Did you notice I managed to sneak in an extra photo? 🤭

Tuesday, 16 June 2020


I have two more possibles for the SPSH.

No 2 | something with or in a knot - a knot in one of the fence panels

No 4 | a toy you play with - bubble wrap! Technically it's not a toy but who can resist popping the bubbles? (It looks rather dirty in this close up so I will try to find another piece and retake the image)

I managed to get most of the housework done and out of the way yesterday. Today I just have one load of washing to do and a bit of swapping between freezers in readiness for my supermarket delivery tomorrow.

Last night's choir practice was good fun as we started working on a new selection of songs - May a Rainbow Run Beside You, Sail Away Ladies, and Roar. M has also organised an online 'bring your own food and drinks' social evening for us with (optional) fancy dress, treasure hunt, (optional) karaoke, and music quizzes and bingo. It sounds like it'll be a good night (Sunday) but it clashes with another online link up I have organised with friends so I don't know if I'll be able to make it. Whichever I choose to do, I'm sure I will enjoy myself. 

My cousin set aside some jigsaws for me to collect but in the end I only took this one ....

I've wanted one of these gradient puzzles for ages but everywhere was sold out. I didn't realise when making my selection that this is a double sided puzzle so it's going to be even harder than expected - apparently four families have tried to complete the puzzle and given up, so they are expecting great things from me. I love a challenge so we'll see how I get on! I still have to finish my current puzzle so it'll be a few days before I start and anyway it's in quarantine for the next 72 hours.

Now the photo project is complete I have to decide what to focus on next. I have the choice of clearing the garage, sorting out the storage for my paperwork, or organising the photos and frames for the hall and downstairs cloakroom. I think it'll probably be the storage for the paperwork as this is annoying me the most. I use box files but they are old and a couple are falling apart which means that the papers fall out every time I pick the file up. It's a quick and easy task and I don't know why I've been putting it off - all I need to do is order some more box files, label them, file the papers and put them on the shelf. Simple isn't it, but I will obviously want pretty box files so choosing those will add to the time (and probably the cost!). 

Monday, 15 June 2020

A Garden Update

Danielle arrived as promised last Tuesday afternoon. Obviously I knew she was coming but didn't think about taking the 'before' photos until just before she was due, so here are some last minute snaps using the camera on my phone.

Starting at the front of the house with the triangular patch in front of the kitchen window and the line of hebes and lavender in the small strip under the living room and music room windows.

... and this is the back garden, looking down the garden from just outside the dining room

... behind the garage ...

... and looking back towards the house ...

We had quite a long chat about what I wanted and agreed that she will focus on weeding, preparing the ground for planting, moving existing plants and/or pruning where necessary. Most of the additional planting will probably wait until next year, except for more bulbs. Some of the plants in the pots need attention as well - the euonymus is totally confused by the weather and has already displayed its autumn colour and shed leaves, but I noticed that there is a second growth appearing. She chipped in with some lovely ideas and I felt she totally understood the type of garden I want to end up with - a cottage garden with lots of extra pots. I'd already made a list of plants I'd like and she added suggestions to the list but the final decision is still to be made. There will be a lot more pots, some of which I was going to order this month but I'm now going to wait - there's no point spending the money before I have to.

I wanted Danielle to start on the front patch which she was happy to do. This is what it looks like now ... 

The buddleia has been pruned right back and will eventually be moved to the back garden. I originally wanted it here in front of the kitchen window to provide some privacy but a couple of young lads keep hiding between the bush and the wall, so I think it will be better to keep the planting in this space to the heathers and other low growing plants. 

She started clearing in the back garden as well but I forgot to take any more photos and it's too dark and wet to take any now (I'm writing this on Sunday evening and will schedule the publication). She was here for two hours but we spend an awful lot of time talking, so I was pleased with the work she did in the remaining time. I think it's going to be a good working relationship.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Weekly Reflections

Reasons to be cheerful ...
  • Baby P is out of hospital 😀
  • finishing the re-organisation of my digital photos files
  • D, the gardener, started work on my garden (I will write a separate post about this)
  • five items sold on eBay!
  • getting a delivery slot with Morrisons, which will arrive on Wednesday
  • after months of waiting my peace lily has produced a new flower stem

I am grateful ...
  • for my neighbour checking my car for me
  • for the rainy days refilling the water butt
  • the support of family and friends