Sunday, 19 February 2012

All About ... Books

I'm joining in with this reading survey that I've just seen over at ... Rachel's blog ...

What was the first book you remember reading?  I can remember reading the 'Janet and John' reading primers at Infant School, so I would have been between 4 and 6 years old.  I can also remember the very politically incorrect reading primers - 'Little Black Sambo' and can recall excitedly telling my mum all about the story of when he captured the tiger.

What book do you regret reading?  I can't think of any book I regret reading for the first time, but I do regret re-reading Tess of the D'Urbeville by Thomas Hardy.   I originally read it as a teenager and absolutely loved it but reading it again as an adult (admittedly during a not very good period in my life) I was irritated by the innocence of Tess and just wanted to give her a good slap!

What's your favourite genre? My favourite genre is crime novels. I like 'who done its', police procedure, forensic, etc. I don't care which period it is set in.

If you could be any literary character, who would it be? Hermione Granger out of the Harry Potter books.  I know, I know .... I need to grow up!!

What's your favourite series of books? I loved the Harry Potter books.  Also the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 

What book do you most want to read? I've just read the one that was on the top of my 'must read' list - Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson. I'm in the process of reading the other 'must read' and that is The Bible.

What was your favourite book when you were younger? I loved the Family from One End Street series of books by Eve Garnett.

Are there any books that you'd like to see made into movies? Not really.  I'm not really a 'movies' person and much prefer using my own imagination.

If you could date a literary character, who would it be? Can't think of anyone.

Where's your favourite place to read? I can read anywhere.  I always read in bed for about 20 minutes before I go to sleep and I've got a few wrinkled book where I've dropped them in the bath!

Do you have any signed books? No.

What was the last book you read?  Yesterday's Sun by Amanda Brooke.

What are you currently reading? I'm reading The Bible and I'll start reading 6th Target by James Patterson later tonight.

What fictional place do you wish was real? Definitely Hogwarts - you were right, Rachel!

Have you ever disliked a book that a friend recommended to you? No.

Are there any things that you're fussy about when it comes to books? No.

Are you fussy about book covers? I don't really take much notice of the book covers.

Do you read reviews on a book that you want to read before reading it? No, usually too many spoilers in the reviews. 

What's the longest book you've read? War and Peace.

Are there any books you own that you haven't got around to reading yet? Yes, loads.  Too many to count.

Thanks for reading this.  If you decide to do it as well, please let me know so that I can read your answers.

4/52: Join a Book Club

I've wanted to join a book club for a long time but without success.  There don't seem to be many in this area and the ones I've come across either meet on the wrong night or I haven't liked their book lists.  So I've compromised and joined an online book club - the Richard and Judy book club which is organised by WH Smiths. I used to watch their TV shows from time to time and the one thing that has stayed with me was the book reviews and 'reads' that they used to organise.

I signed up to do the Spring Read 2012 which consists of 8 books.  Each books contains additional 'book club' info where the author is interviewed, free podcasts are available and also a website where you can add your review and also read other people's reviews and comments.

Before I Go To Sleep - S J Watson: I loved this one.  I'd been wanting to read this for a while and wasn't disappointed. 

Midwinter Sacrifice - Mons Kallentoft: The pace was too slow for me but it was well written and I liked the descriptive style.

Me Dear, I Wanted to Tell You - Louisa Young: Not my usual choice but I really enjoyed it.  Very descriptive and full of believable emotions.

Me For You - Jojo Moyes: This is not my usual choice but it turned out to be the best book I've read in a long time. I loved it.  It highlights the benefits of joining a book club, stretching yourself and reading outside of your usual choices.

The Paris Wife - Paula Mc Lain: This is the story of Ernest Hemmingway and his first marriage to Hadley.  Knowing the outcome, and not being particularly fond of either Hemminway or that era, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this one.  However, it was really well done although I thought the author had glossed over the depth Hadley's emotions at the end.

The Story of Beautiful Girl - Rachel Simon:  Another good read although I felt that the 'thoughts' of the main character didn't match her supposed low mental abilities and that spoilt it a bit for me. 

A Cold Season - Alison Littlewood: This was the only dud in the list.  I didn't enjoy it at all.

Yesterday's Sun - Amanda Brooke: Another great book and again, not my usual choice.

48 more things to go!

Friday, 17 February 2012

3/52: Replace All My Undies

On Tuesday I ordered a load of new undies from M&S Online.  They arrived today and, as planned, I threw away all my old ones.  Not quite as extravagent as it sounds as it really was time to get some replacements but I wouldn't normally have got rid of everything.  I've never replaced the whole lot in one go before and it's not something I'd ever thought about doing until a work colleague put the idea in my head.  She does it every couple of years and it's one of her 'things' for keeping her spirits up.

It does feel good!  And every so slightly naughty! And I will do it again!

I don't think the world is ready for a photo of my new undies so here's one of an M&S carrier bag and you can just use your imaginations ...

That's 3 things completed now and 49 more to do.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

26 Week Photo Challenge 7 - Zoom Burst

This was hard!  I haven't really mastered the technique but it is something I'd like to try again.  I wasn't able to get out so the photos are for technique only, not the subject matter.  All photos were hand held as I couldn't get the tripods out.  

The first photo - this one was taken in the living room when Karen first issued the instructions for this challenge.  It was hand held and really just a try at the zoom burst to see if I could do it.  There was no consideration of what I was photographing! 

The best/favourite photo - this one was again taken in the living room and I like the shadows created.  It's been cropped.

The final photo - this one was taken outside tonight as a last minute panic!  Again it was taken for the zoom burst effect only and I didn't attempt to correct the white balance.
Linking with Karen @ Me, My Camera, Eye.  Many thanks to Karen for organising the challenge.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

It's Snowing

It's started snowing and it's settling this time ... although it doesn't look like it'll stay for too long!  I just poked my head out the front door to take these ...


Photo Scavenger Hunt - January 2012

Many thanks to Kathy at Postcards from the P.P. for organising the scavenger hunt.

I haven't done too well this time, a combination of lack of time and illness, so I've searched through my archives to find photos which 'match' the criteria.

in the distance
a farmhouse viewed through
some trees
two ornaments

Christmas baubles

enjoying the company of my friend's children

the entrance to my sister's home

in season
defrosting the car on cold mornings

by Trowbridge Information Centre

waiting to be sorted

an oversized doughnut on a swing
(part of a friend's art project)

the 'p' is an instruction to play softly

sign on an electricity sub-station