Monday, 29 August 2016

Memorandum Monday

A sunny Monday morning wave to Sian and the other Monday bloggers.

This week, for the 'first' time ever, I watched The Great British Bake Off, and I now intend to follow the entire series (but I'm not very good at remembering to watch TV, so we'll see how it goes!). I can see why people are addicted to it and next week I'll make sure I have some cake to munch whilst I'm watching it!

The delivery I was waiting in for last Monday did arrive but I still can't show it to you as it hasn't been installed yet, mainly due to the decorator starting two days later than he promised.  It has been a very frustrating weekend; two no shows from the decorator and two more no shows from a landscape gardener who promised to visit to look, and quote, for the work in the garden.  I haven't had a completely wasted weekend because there is plenty to do here, but I was stuck at home on Saturday and Sunday waiting for them to turn up when I could have gone out. I haven't been a happy bunny and there have been tears (of frustration) about it. I'm okay today though as the decorator is here and is busy in the dining room, making good progress.  It'll be finished tomorrow and then I will be able to get that room in order.

I think it must be one of those weekends - a man was supposed to be coming to see the desk I have for sale but hasn't turned up yet, even though he chose the date and the time. He's now over an hour late - what is it with people, why can't they stick to what they say?  Luckily, I had no plans to go out because of the decorating but that's not the point. Okay, moan over .....

I'm going to curl up on the sofa with my book and just relax for the rest of the day. Oh, and I'll have a takeaway tonight, rather than try to cook in the partially decorated kitchen/dining room (any old excuse!). Hope you all have a good week.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I'm showing three photos of street performers in Bath for Helena's SNAP meme today.  There should have been four photos but I accidentally deleted one! 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Memorandum Monday

A Monday morning hello to Sian and all the rest of the Monday gang.

I was supposed to have lots to tell you today but things haven't gone according to plan so most of it will have to wait until next week now. I do have three things to tell though.

Following on from all the decluttering and sorting, I have lots of things that I want to sell so I've started listing some of the bigger and/or heavier things on Gumtree as 'cash only/buyer collects' transactions, and I'm happy to report that I've made my 'first' ever sale on the site. A shed which was left behind by the previous owners of my house had been dismantled a couple of years ago and was stored in the garage (taking up lots of room!) for all that time. The person who was supposed to be having it originally never bothered to collect it, despite lots of reminders, so I've sold it.  I now have plenty of space to sort out the rest of the stuff in the garage and decide what to do with it ..... that'll be this week's project.

I've had to find a 'new' decorator as I wasn't happy with the quality of work by the previous one. The new one comes highly recommended and is going to do the kitchen/dining room for me this coming weekend, so things are not too far behind schedule. At some stage I will have to have the hobbies room redone but at least it looks clean and bright, if not well painted(!), for the time being.

I also have a 'new' door number, but I can't show you as it reveals my full address.  It's like this one, and my neighbour kindly fitted it for me earlier in the week. 

I'm stuck at home today waiting for a delivery which, if it turns up, I will be able to tell you about next week. The only clue is that 'it' is going in the kitchen/dining room once the room has been decorated.

Hope you all have a good week.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt

I've been steadily taking photos but have been really slack about posting them on the blog, so my apologies for that. Here's a few to be going on with ....

No 2 | footprint or pawprint.  I saw these in Stratford Upon Avon.

No 3 | skeleton, bone or x-ray. These three photos were exhibits at the 2016 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

No 4 | porch or deck, taken in Stratford Upon Avon.  The second one is the porch on the building housing the Christmas Shop.

No 6 | caravan.  The first one is a photo of a painting exhibited in the 2016 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the second was taken during a photo walk in Bradford on Avon

No 9 | someone playing in or around water.  This is H, cooling her feet during a visit to the Old Mill at Ramsbury

No 10 | a bicycle, this one used for advertising in Stratford Upon Avon

No 13 | the moon ... a slightly grainy and poorly focused shot of the full moon.  

I still have 9 more to find.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Memorandum Monday

A bright Monday morning wave to Sian and all the other Mondayers.

Hmm, something new .... that's going to be tricky this week because all I've done is sorting, reading and a bit gardening.  But new things, no ..... can't think of anything ..... so I'll just waffle on for a bit!

On Saturday I tackled the mammoth job of sorting and organising the music books.  After a few false starts I settled on a (for me) radical solution and will only be keeping the music I want to play myself, the sets of books I need for whole class teaching, the theory books and a handful of ensemble music books. The rest of it - about 75% - is going. I reached the decision that, as I'll only be doing a few private lessons in the future and won't be running the school bands or doing group instrumental lessons, I have no need to keep the music I used when I was teaching full time.  Organisation is now a doddle (!) and will be by instrument.  I still have to sell the excess music, a job for some time in the future, but I am now ready for the start of term.

On Sunday I actually did some housework. Not much, but the floors are looking good for once!  The rest of the day was spend reading and having a bit of a tidy up in the garden. I swept the decking, did a bit of weeding and moved most of the empty pots into the garage. I'm still waiting for a quote on the landscaping so it's not looking too promising for it to be done next month, which is frustrating but I'm sure I'll find someone in the end. Fingers crossed!

There will be (hopefully) plenty of new things to tell you about next time.  Until then, I hope you all have a good week.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Five on Friday | The Little Things

Read | I've just started re-reading 'The Colour of Magic' by Terry Pratchett. I've read all of his Discworld books before (absolutely love them), but this is a book group choice so I'm refreshing my memory before we meet up to discuss it later this month. I've also read 'Promise Me' by Harlan Coben; I enjoyed the humour of the main characters but I found the reason behind the crimes a bit hard to believe. I'll read the next book with these characters though. 

Watched | I watched the second part of 'Suspects', but apart from that I haven't watched anything else.

Heard | It's been a classical music week, it's suited my mood.  I've had Classic FM on in the background as I've been sorting through the (seemingly) never ending stack of boxes.

Made | I've made the decision to teach from home when school starts next month.  It'll only be one, maybe two pupil(s) to start with and the decision has been reached because these girls have transferred to senior school and want their flute lessons to start much later in the evening. They are going to private schools and won't be home until about 7pm (as they have to do their homework at school), but I don't want to be trailing round to their homes at that time of the day so this arrangement suits me better.  Hopefully, but time will tell!  

Worn | It's been another leggings and baggy t-shirts week .... it's getting boring isn't it!

And Lastly ... the decorating of the kitchen/dining room didn't happen but will hopefully be done next week. If he postpones again I'll have to cancel as I need to get the furniture back in order and the rooms clean and tidy (if not decorated!) if I'm going to be teaching here.  

Thanks to Morgana for organising the Little Things, and to Amy for organising Five on Friday (although there is no link up in August as Amy is taking a break).

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Okay, I admit it!  I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel with my set for Helena's SNAP this week.  I just wasn't organised, Wednesday crept up on me and I didn't have any photos ready, so a troll through my recent photos revealed this set ......... different knots, photographed over at the stables.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Memorandum Monday

Waving to Sian and all the other Mondayers on this slightly overcast Monday morning.

This photo was taken yesterday on my 'first' ever sightseeing trip to Stratford Upon Avon.  I've been there once before on a school trip to see a performance of The Merchant of Venice, but yesterday was my 'first' ever look around the town.

I opted to do the hop on - hop off tourist bus with the audio guide through which I learnt some 'new-to-me' facts, both to do with beds! Beds used to be constructed by lacing ropes across the wooden frame and then the mattress was placed on top of the tightened ropes. In time the ropes loosened and had to be re-tightened, hence the saying 'good night, sleep tight'.  The second fact was to do with the sleeping arrangements in the house - the master and mistress slept in the second best bed (the best bed reserved for visitors), the boys of the family slept on the floor with the servants but the girls of the family slept on straw mattresses on a sleeping loft, which was a wide shelf around the room.  The girls slept on this shelf until they were married, hence the saying 'left on the shelf' referring to the daughters of marrying age who remained unwed.

On the home front the 'new' kitchen/dining room floor has been installed but the decorator let me down so photos will have to wait. 

I hope you all have a fun filled week.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Five on Friday | Love the Little Things

Read | I finished reading 'Little Boy Blue' by M J Arlidge. It was an okay read and I'll look out for the next one in the series, but I didn't enjoy this story as much as the earlier ones.  I haven't decided what to read next but I have plenty to choose from - about 200 books!

Watched | I watched 'Eat Well For Less' again, the rest of the Harry Potter films and watched the first episode of the new series of 'Suspects'. 

Heard | Nothing much. I've had the radio on from time to time but haven't really been listening, so no ..... nothing!

Made | I've made a decision on the layout of the garden .... finally! I'm waiting for the price to be confirmed and then it should be done mid to late September. Of course, that's assuming that the price is acceptable, so fingers and everything else crossed please!

Worn | The same as last week .... leggings and baggy t-shirts. I've been at home all week so haven't made any effort at all.

And Lastly ... I'm off to Stratford on Avon on Sunday, a day trip I booked months ago and which I've been looking forward to for ages. I don't think there will be enough time to see a play so I'll follow a town trail map and may do one of the tourist bus rides.

Thanks to Morgana for organising the Little Things, and to Amy for organising Five on Friday (although there is no link up in August as Amy is taking a break).

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Three different woodpiles caught my eye this week, all photographed at the stables where my friend keeps her horse, and I thought they'd make an interesting set for Helena's SNAP!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Upstairs and Downstairs

I feel like I'm reliving my childhood today. I've been banished upstairs (well, I've banished myself) and can't work downstairs ..... a) because it's too noisy and b) because I know I'll just be in the way. N is busy laying the new flooring in the kitchen/dining room and then on Thursday and Friday, A will be here to decorate, which means that another room will be finished .... photos to follow!

Today's plan is to spend a couple of hours upstairs, dealing with some of the stuff currently piled in the small bedroom.  It's already been sorted and boxed, and each box is labelled as either 'keep' or 'sell', so the task now is to find a place in the new cupboards for the 'keeps' and to photograph the 'sells' ready to start doing the adverts. It's going to take a mammoth effort to get all the 'sells' photographed but my priority is to get all the 'keeps' put away over the next few days - not only can I start enjoying all my stuff again but it'll give me more space to work on the 'sells'. My thinking is that I'll make better progress by dealing with a couple of boxes of the 'sells' at a time, rather than rushing at it and trying to get it all done in one go so that's the way I'm going to tackle it.

Yesterday, I moved some stuff from the cupboards in the music room upstairs to the hobbies room (shredder, personal papers, camera equipment).  This gives me more room downstairs to better organise the music and instruments so now I'll be able to file the music books which are currently piled up in the corner of the living room. I'll be using the music room to do some private lessons from September, so need to push on and get the music put away in some sort of logical order so that it's easy to find quickly.  I've tried all sorts of systems over the years (by instrument, by ability, alphabetical, by composer, etc.) but haven't yet hit on one I'm totally happy with.  Maybe this time I'll get it right!

Okay, I can't put it off any longer .... I need to get on.  Hope you have a good day. 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Memorandum Monday

A Monday morning wave to Sian and all my fellow Mondayers.

I'm sitting at the desk in my newly finished (well, very nearly finished!) hobbies room to type this post. It's the 'first' time I've used this room since I moved in three years ago because until recently the room had only ever been used to store all of my late partner's things. Today is all about organising the 'new' cupboards and making the space work for me.  I say 'today', but realistically it will take most of the week. Exciting times though!

Another 'first' was going to see The BFG.  Somehow, the Roald Dahl stories passed me by so The BFG story was completely 'new' to me.  This is obviously a major gap in my education so I've added some of his books to my ever growing to-read list.

And finally, I played a pBuzz for the 'first' time.  This is a completely 'new' type of musical instrument, designed to be easy to play and the perfect introduction to brass playing for small children. We have lots of siblings waiting around during Saturday morning practices who are too young to join the band, so we're investigating the possibility of running a mini music club for them, using these instruments, until they are old enough to join the beginners band on their chosen brass instrument.

Hope you all have a good week.