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All About ... The Year in Review

This Christmas

Merry Christmas

Day 125: Christmas Reading

Day 124: I'm Ready!

Day 123: Fingers Crossed!

Day 122: It Could Be Worse

Day 121: No More Treats!

Day 120: Meet the New Addition to the Family

Day 119: A Quick Post

Day 118: The Shivers!

Day 117: Nativity, Tesco and Treats!

Day 116: Bits and Pieces

Day 115: No Snow!

Day 114: Music

Day 113: Feeling Festive

Day 112: Thursday!

Day 111: Taking Stock

Day 110: Weight Loss and Exercise

Day 109: Befriending

Day 108: My Sunday Photo

Day 107: A Busy Saturday

Day 106: The Hunt is On!