Friday, 27 July 2012

Farleigh Hungerford

A quick trip to Farleigh Hungerford provided lots of lush greenery to include in Fiona's {Green Day 6}

On the way back I stopped in Wingfield to photograph this view to include in Jan and Jer's Friday Fences.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

18/52: Make some Dorset Buttons

I first heard about Dorset Buttons ages ago, I think when we learned about cottage industries in history lessons all those years ago when I was still at school! They came back on my radar during my recent visit to Stourhead on their cellar & attic tour as the head housemaid was making them. When I got home I googled them and also bought a kit to have a go .... and I now have a new hobby!

Here's my first attempt, not brilliant, but each one was better than the one before.  My last attempt was the best, but is also in the bin as I dropped it in my mug of coffee when I was trying to show it to Ced!

I included these buttons in my swap jar - more about that in another post - and I plan to have another go at making some more, slightly bigger ones. There's lots of different weaving styles to try as well.

Interestingly, learning about the button making cottage industry may have solved one of my problems with a branch of the family tree. I think I may have found one of the missing women and the demise of the industry may explain why she relocated to Bath. Still some detective work to do to be sure though.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Welcome to Mary

... to Mary @ merrydotdandy

Green Day {5} & Friday Fences

taken at Hilperton, looking across to Trowbridge.

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Friday, 13 July 2012

Green Day {4}

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Weekly Snippets {week 28}

Well it's been a fairly quiet, but mostly enjoyable week. 

I'll get my moan out of the way first.  After finishing my reports ready to email out next week, head office emailed a new template for us to use for the reports this year.  Why they think sending it so late in the term gave us enough time to complete the reports, I have no idea. I now have to transfer the info from the old template to the new.  It's very time consuming and a total waste of my time.  I'm fuming!!  I'm sure lots of the other tutors will be complaining as well.

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *

I've had Lauren with me all week for her work experience and I've really enjoyed her company.  She's been a great help and I've got lots of my preparation for next school year done - all those things I intend to do but never have the time.  She's made me a new set of musical flashcards and produced some new handbell music and she's been very active helping in the lessons.  She never learned to play the recorder when she was younger so I taught her the first five notes on Monday and she's been joining in all the recorder lessons and clubs, supporting the younger children like she's been doing it all her life.  It's been lovely to see her growing in confidence throughout the week. 

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *
It here!  It's been my constant companion all week and I have no idea how I managed without one. 

I'm working on a getting a new kitchen next!

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *

I found this package in the front porch yesterday ...
.... full of lovely goodies for my degree course ....

I've had a quick look through and I'm excited and raring to go (but I have to finish the reports first!!).  I've completed the first very simple task which is writing a profile to introduce myself to my tutor and creating a Wordpress blog ready to start the course.

As part of the course I have to produce a 'learning log' which counts for up to 20% of the available marks.  This can be a hard copy book/folder or a blog or a combination of the two.  I haven't quite worked out how I'm going to use the blog as part of the learning log but my initial thinking is that I will use it to retain images for inspiration (which has to form part of the log) and also to ask for feedback on my work.  Which is where you all come in! Hopefully!  Pretty please!

The blog is  Eileen Taylor Photography - it's not ready yet and won't be up and running properly for a couple of weeks.  I'd love it if some of you could find the time to provide some constructive criticism on my work as this is part of the learning process and will help me a lot.  It doesn't have to be technical comments, just your gut reaction whether you like the photo or not. 

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *
Last week of teaching coming up and I'll still have Lauren with me.  We've been invited to see a performance of Cinderella Rockafella on Tuesday (which is the end of year concert in the Friday school) so we're both looking forward to that.  I couldn't make any of the actual performances and thought I was going to miss it this year, but they've managed to fit us in for the dress rehearsal.  It'll be brilliant if previous years are anything to go by.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Friday, 6 July 2012

Green Day {3}

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Weekly Snippets {week 27}

It's been a very quiet week, not much going on at all. 

I've been teaching all week and am now busy in the evenings writing the end of year reports.  I hate this task.  There is a template we have to use and it simply doesn't lend itself to writing meaningful reports so I always feel that I'm just wasting my time and I know a lot of the other tutors feel the same - just lots of tick boxes and not enough room to write  about behaviour issues, lack of practice etc.  Only another 54 to write!

Moan over!

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *
I went to see my doctor this week about the pain I keep getting in my left hand.  He doesn't thinks it's anything serious, maybe a trapped nerve at worse, but I'm off for an x-ray (in 2 weeks time) as a precaution.

He's also suggested that I contact the local Carer's Support organisation.  I'd looked at their website before and decided against it but (as his suggestion was more like an order!) I've now registered with them and am waiting for a support officer to contact me.  My doctor's thinking is that this will give me some support where the priority is all about my needs rather than the focus being on Ced.  I haven't really got my head round it yet, I'll just wait and see what comes of it.

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *
Yay!!!  Ced has bought us an iPad. 

I've been dropping hints for months and months about how much we (well, me really!) need one and I'd given up hope of him taking the bait.  But it was worth the effort because on Saturday he asked me to order one and he's giving the impression that it was his idea (although I do know that deep down he's sure he's been stitched up).  Success!!!  It'll be here on Tuesday. 

* ** *** ** *** ** *** ** *
The Beginners Band is progressing steadily.  I remembered my camera on Saturday and photographed them all.  I can only show the picture of these two, though.
Tinkerbell and Tweenie at band practice
* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *
I'm looking forward to the next two weeks.  I have the pleasure of Lauren's company (my friend's daughter) who is with me for her work experience.

Hope you're all well.