Thursday, 29 December 2016

Busy Doing Nothing!

The only productive things I managed yesterday was to photograph the frost (see previous post) and keep myself supplied with food and drink. Most of my efforts involved trying to keep myself occupied and not worry too much about my sister .... but, my butterfly brain couldn't concentrate on anything to too long so a day of doing nothing means that the house looked like a bomb had hit it!

I tried a bit of piano practice but my heart wasn't in it and all I really did was move music books around, so I've tidied it all up this morning and will have another go later on.

I was a bit more successful with the Christmas jigsaw. I hadn't intended to set it up downstairs but it sort of happened, so it's lap meals until I finish it. It's a 1000 piece WASGIJ puzzle where there isn't an image to follow - the finished puzzle will show what the people in the photo on the box are reacting to. This is the progress after three days so it's going to take ages.  

I did a bit a reading but my current book hasn't really grabbed my attention so far. It's 'Black-Eyed Susans' by Julia Heaberlin, and is one of the books in the last load passed on by my sister.  It has fairly good reviews so I'll persevere with it for now.

Apart from that, the only other thing I did yesterday was to try to watch the Harry Potter film on the TV.  I was looking forward to this so of course, this was the time friends decided to phone and text. Just as well I know the story!

Today has been more productive.  I've tidied the house, done a couple of loads of washing, made a doctor's appointment, and have organised for two lots of work to be carried out in January (more about that later). Now I'm off to get myself some lunch, and this afternoon plan to complete the bits and bobs of admin that I didn't finish before the Christmas break started. Tonight has been set aside to watch the next Harry Potter film - I'm going to ignore the phone this time!

I heard from my sister last night; yesterday's operation went well and she's expecting to come home today.  Talk about a speedy service, but at least she'll be able to rest properly at home .... hospital wards are noisy places! Sadly, I have a horrible cold and can't go anywhere near her until I'm over it so won't actually get to see her in person for a few days.  


  1. Hi Eileen, you have your time quite busy. I found very interesting that 1000 pieces puzzle! Wish good improvements to your sister! I renew my vows of Happy new Year, that I have mentioned in the previous post . Hugs and thanks. Ailime

  2. Hi Eileen, did I miss something? Wasn't aware that your sister was in for her op, that was very speedy. Sending love and hugs to you both. x x x

  3. Happy New Year Eileen. Sending you & your sister lots of healing thoughts. I think the only jigsaw puzzle I have ever done is an online type in my Advent calendar. Please post what it turns out to be.

    Working on my WPSH list ...