Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Frosty Morning

It's chilly out there so although I had no plans to venture out today, I was tempted out to the garden to photograph the early morning frost on the plants and the fence. These are contenders for winter weather (no. 10) in the winter photography scavenger hunt.

I'll add a linky at the start of January so that we can share our progress.


  1. Beautiful photos of the frost. Isn't nature amazing?

  2. Interesting frost photos. I have been busy capturing some of the items on WPSH

  3. These are beautiful Eileen. I have been taking photos for the scavenger hunt and look forward to using my new camera for the rest. I will probably share on my blog when I have completed. Thank you for organising this, I love having a focus.

  4. I do like to see frosty photos, my garden is sheltered so I don't aways get frost, I will have to venture further to get some photos for the hunt.

  5. I particularly like your leaves. I too was out this morning with my camera. The frost on my car was quite something! I'm just annoyed I missed an opportunity to photograph "cold" last night. Hrmph!

  6. Beautiful photos! We don't often see that kind of frost here; we get buried in snow instead!

  7. Hi, Eileen. I followed you home :-)
    What fantastic photographs.

    J x

  8. Beautiful photo's. I can feel the ice cold through your images xx Have a great New year!

  9. Hello Eileen, how are you?
    Thanks for your visit.
    Beautiful photos! Spectacular frost on leaves.
    I Wish you and your family a great 2017!