Saturday, 17 February 2018

A Marked Improvement

Well, much as I hate to admit it, the enforced inactivity is doing some good. My knee is much less painful and walking is easier, although this situation deteriorates as the day progresses. It's not a 'real life' situation as I'm consciously keeping my weight off my knee as much as possible but I'm now hopeful that a non-surgical route may see the problem solved. This, of course, is my own take on things as I haven't been back for the next consultation with my doctor!

It's starting to feel like I never started my fitness regime and some of the aches and pains I was experiencing prior to starting the Fitbit daily steps are back. I wasn't at a particularly high level of fitness but it was definitely making a difference to how I felt and was improving ease of movement so I'm very aware of how quickly my overall fitness level has reverted. The thing I'm holding on to is the fact that I did it once so will be able to do it again ... once I get the go ahead. In the meantime I've been searching YouTube for seated upper body exercises but so far haven't found anything suitable. 

Lady Ella's recent post about her choice for 'one little word' prompted me to look back at my word and assess my progress and I'm pleased to report that there is some! My word is 'fulfil' and one aspect of this was to complete the decluttering and home improvements, and there is progress on both fronts. Admittedly, the decluttering involved friends doing the lifting and me sitting on the sofa supervising the work, but I now have a pile of stuff to go to the skip and another pile of donations for a charity shop. I'm now in the middle of sorting through all the books I've been given; my sister passes all of her books on to me and I have two bookcases full of unread novels. I used to keep pace with her but lagged behind when I was caring for my late partner and have never been able to catch up, so I'm being ruthless and getting rid of the ones that I'll never read. I only want one bookcase in use (the other one is in my music room and I need the space for other things) so over half of the books need to go. I've also started taking photos of things to be sold, ready for listing them on eBay or Gumtree. 

As for the home improvements, the new boiler will be installed next week. I've also placed the order for the new windows and that work is scheduled for mid April. I've asked the electrician and builder for revised quotes with a view to them starting their work after the window installation is complete but I'm still waiting to hear back from them. The work may not be completed but I have started looking for ideas on decorating and for lighting in the living room - this is the best bit!


  1. Hope you find light at the end of the tunnel with your knee. Decluttering is such a good task I find. This morning we got rid of a load of rubbish at the local tip, it's good to free up some space xxx

  2. Very glad to hear you are on the mend - Yeah for healing. Books, oh wonderful companions but they do take up a lot of space.

  3. Really glad things seem to be improving. I guess it is one step at a time, slow and steady.
    J x

  4. As you have said your fitness improved before. This is just a blip and you will get back there. Well done on the declutteringx

  5. That's great news! Hope the doctor agrees that more R&R is the way to go, rather than surgery - depending, I guess, on what the X-ray shows. Much better to take your time and get it fully better now before trying to do too much. As Aril said, any temporary loss of fitness can be reversed, but not at the expense of the knee. I managed to put on 6lb (6lb!!) over the course of show week, which was really annoying but I'm back on track now - even if that means I now weigh the same as I did on Christmas Day. Grr! But onwards and downwards! Glad too that the quest for fulfilment is on course.

  6. That's great to hear. I hope it continues.