Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Knee Update

It was the return visit to the doctor today - some good news, some not so good. The recent x-ray of my knee has revealed mild/moderate arthritis and a narrowing of the space where the cartilage lies. The cartilage doesn't show on the x-ray so the extent of the tear isn't known but my symptoms seem to confirm that diagnosis.  Pretty much what the doctor was expecting and the confirmation of arthritis explains the aches and pains I had before the recent injury.

The good news is that, if things continue to improve, I won't need a referral to the hospital and won't need surgery. I can start slowly increasing the amount of walking I do but it has to be all on level ground with strict instructions to stay indoors if it snows! The not so good news is that Nordic Walking is out of the question as is the photography holiday to Dorset in four weeks time (because of the terrain and the risk of further injury to the knee). I phoned to cancel the holiday and was delighted to be told that I can transfer my deposit to a different holiday later in the year. I need to inform them of the change by Sunday so will spend this evening choosing a different type of holiday. This also applies to the other photography holiday booked for May. There are plenty of other types of holiday to choose from so I'm sure to find something I like, maybe one of the choral singing ones or a crafting holiday. 

The other not so good news is that my blood pressure is still higher than usual so he's increased the dosage of one of my tablets. I have to go back to see him in about three weeks.

And to end on some good news, I came away from the consultation with a book recommendation - 'Instrumental' by James Rhodes. He thinks I'll enjoy all the music references in it so I've ordered it from Waterstones. 


  1. Eileen that is mostly good news. Glad you can increase your walking (slowly) which will help with the blood pressure. That holiday company sounds like they have excellent customer service & the ability to transfer your deposit is such a good thing. There's you WPSH in the making, a photo of all the holiday brochures (col). Your doctor gives book recommendation! - He sounds a delight. Continuing to send healing thoughts.

  2. I'm glad you won't need surgery and that it is expected to improve slowly. Hoping the new med dose sorts out the blood pressure issues.
    J x

  3. I was thinking of you today. Pleased the outlook is mostly good and hope that the continued R&R pay dividends. That holiday company sounds like a nice one to work with, and its holiday options very interesting. I'd be interested in finding out more...