Thursday, 22 February 2018

WPSH, Home Improvements and Knees!

The new boiler has been installed and is proving it's worth already. The house is toasty warm in every room, something which has been difficult to achieve since the heating was turned back on in the autumn so I assume that the old boiler was struggling long before I realised that it was on it's way out.  I'll turn the heating down tomorrow and reset the thermostats in some of the rooms but tonight is all about checking that every radiator keeps it's heat properly. The new boiler is more energy efficient so running costs should be cheaper and I have also changed my gas and electricity supplier from next month, which will theoretically save me £230 a year. Best of all, the hot water is 'hot' again so I've had a long soak in the bath and am currently rocking the 'wrinkled prune' look!

I'm sharing a couple of photos for the scavenger hunt. The first one is for no. 1| men at work and was taken in Bath outside the Theatre Royal.

The second was was taken at home during the boiler installation and is for no 24 | steam, smoke or mist and shows the steam from the vent on the front wall of the house. 

On the health front, my knee is feeling much better though still not completely healed. I can walk without limping for most of the day and am not waking in pain during the night though this is still based on just doing only essential walking and doesn't include any exercising. I see my doctor next Tuesday and am hoping for the go ahead to start slowly increasing the number of daily steps and maybe some exercises to improve strength in the joint. I'm feeling more positive about it than I did when I last saw him but it has knocked my confidence a bit. I'll get over it but it has made me realise how important my mobility and independence is to me and has reinforced that losing weight and improving fitness is absolutely essential.


  1. Good news on several fronts!

  2. Excellent. Great news about the knee - will be thinking of you on Tuesday.
    Great pics for the hunt. I tried to get "men at work" the other day but they kept looking up! They were painting "20" speed limits on a nearby road. Totally ridiculous as anyone able to do that much with all the appalling parking that goes on round there should be eligible for a prize!! Hehehehe!

  3. I dropped mum to the opticians and spied the workmen working on South Parade however by the time I had parked the car and started to walk across I had a call to say mum was ready....

  4. Yeah to toasty warm & a hot bath. I do hope that the doctor's verdict on Tuesday is, it was strain, no surgery required & yes slowly start back to walking more - fingers crossed.

    I like your steam photo - makes the hunt more personal.