About ...

I'm 65 years old, 5' 2" tall short, overweight and unfit! I'm retired now but used to work as a peripatetic music tutor, teaching brass and woodwind to (mainly) primary school children.  I love music and play tenor horn (my principal instrument), cornet, trumpet, flute, alto sax, clarinet and recorder.  In my spare time I am trying to teach myself to play the piano.  I used to play in a local brass band and have recently joined a local choir.

Likes ...
  • making lists!
  • photography
  • reading - anything and everything
  • all sorts of crafts - card making, quilting, dressmaking ...
  • genealogy
  • cooking and baking (I'm eternally grateful to my wonderful mum for passing on all her skills and teaching me to cook)
  • learning - I have a thirst for knowledge and new experiences
  • crosswords, quizzes and playing Scrabble
  • Doctor Who - I have watched it since childhood.  David Tennant was definitely the best Doctor yet. 
  • the Harry Potter books and films
  • the fact that I have more likes than dislikes ... it seems more positive!

Dislikes ...
  • people who write in library books
  • tea - I'm a coffee drinker
  • clutter (although you wouldn't believe that if you came to my home - decluttering is a work in progress!)
  • aubergines
  • swimming