Wednesday, 6 June 2012

And I thought homework was a thing of the past .....

.... but it seems I was wrong.  Today I spent the day with Lauren, my friend's 15 yr old daughter.  She had to take a series of photos of trees for her GCSE art homework, which meant she needed me and my camera.  I haven't posted any of her photos (although I'm very impressed with her ideas!), she took 124 photos throughout the day which she whittled down to 12 to be printed.  As usual the printer went wrong when she was here so guess what my job is tonight!

I did manage to prise the camera away from her to take a few photos.  We ended the day at Heaven's Gate on the Longleat estate but I took a wrong turning and ended up driving up to the main Longleat entrance where I took these two shots.

the main entrance to Longleat

looking back down the drive at Longleat

Managed to get back on the right road and found our way up to Heaven's Gate. 

looking down to Longleat House

I'll go back again to take some more photos when the weather is better ... we spent a good part of the day dodging the rainshowers and it was too misty for decent landscapes.


  1. Sounds like a fun day Eileen, haven't been to Longleat in years, it is looking good. Hope you get your hwk completed on time!! x

  2. That's somewhere to add to my list of places to visit!! I love the last photo.