Thursday, 14 June 2012

26 Week Photo Challenge - Hands

Better late than never, here's my pics for Karen's photo challenge.

I sort of like all of them, but am aware that technically they all leave a lot of room for improvement.  I've had to crop all of them and fiddle with the exposure, contrast and brightnesss to get something suitable.

The first two are Lauren's hand; can't remember now what she was doing but you have to enter the scary world of 'teenager' to understand what she is 'saying'.  I don't talk 'teenager' so can't translate for you!  The final one is Wriggle holding her mum's hand.


  1. These are all lovely Eileen - I like the dof and the sharpness of the hands - something i couldn't master.

  2. Well done for getting them done, I have failed miserably LOL
    Great depth of field on the first two, and all really sharp
    brill xx

    1. don't worry, I've failed to complete loads of then!

  3. Love these photo's simple but say a lot.

  4. These are great Eileen, I've no idea about teenage hand language either and I've got a teenager in the house lol.
    Many thanks for your lovely comment on my post - I appreciate it :))

  5. A great set of photos Eileen. Like you and Ellie have no idea on the teenage sign language!! Adore those little fingers though. Nice light and exposure on them all. Nice and clear as well. Thank you for taking part. xx