Sunday, 10 June 2012

Five Random Facts

Fiona over at Raindrops and Daisies has challenged us to tell five random facts about ourselves.  So here goes ...

  1. Before the UK laws about gun ownership changed I used to go shooting (with Ced) regularly.  I owned 3 pistols of different calibres and we were members of a club which met weekly at the army shooting range in Warminster.  I also had my own 20 bore shotgun for clay pigeon shooting, also a weekly event at a range owned by one of our friends.  It's one of those things that I never would have done if I hadn't met Ced ... it wasn't even on my radar!  I wasn't much good but I loved it and was sad when it had to stop.   The pistols had to be handed in to the police and at about the same time the clay pigeon shooting stopped because our friend moved to Cyprus.  With the compensation money from the pistols and the cash from the sale of the shotgun I bought a new car.
  2. I've decided to do a degree course, not for any career advancement but just because I want to.  Not sure yet which subject but have narrowed it down to a choice between music, photography and history.  It will be a distance learning course, either Open University or Open College of the Arts. I've made the initial enquiry about funding and am waiting to hear about that before I do the actual registration.  Watch this space!
  3. I'm a list sort of person.  Love them.  I always organise myself by starting with a to-do list ... okay so sometimes only the list gets done and then I get sidetracked - I keep coming across old to-do lists which I've abandoned around the house, usually near the piano!  I always do a shopping list and I also do my lesson plans as bullet point lists.  Does this need for lists say something about me?  Not sure!!
  4. I love tracing family trees  and I used to do it for other people but the growth of the internet and the introduction of companies like Ancestry have put a stop to that particular activity.  I'd love to work for one of the genealogy research companies (like the ones in 'Heir Hunters') but as far as I know there isn't one locally.  Maybe one day!
  5. I hate, hate, hate shoe shopping.  It's just an ordeal.  None of my family will come with me and friends only ever seem to volunteer once! I have one foot a size bigger than the other and the front half of both feet is longer in relation to the back of each foot, the end result being that my instep is in the wrong place for most shoes. I spend my life in sandals and flip flops even in the winter.  I did have some wellies but they fell to bits last year and I couldn't get any more to fit.  I'm psyching myself up to trail round the shoe shops some time next week.  Wish me luck!
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to pass the challenge on or not.  I'll leave it up to you but please let me know if you do decide to join in so that I can read your answers.


  1. Well done Eileen!

    Loved reading about you and getting to know you better.

    Lists - I do lists too but then always lose them!

    The guns sound so interesting, my boys would love you as they belong to a gun club here and enjoy it.
    At least you got a new car out of it when it ended!!

    Well done to you for signing up to do a course, I am sure that you will do brilliantly.
    Let us know what you decide to study won't you.

    I hope the sun is shining where you are
    not too bad here at the moment so fingers crossed.

    I have to go shopping later (bet you glad it's me!)


  2. Nice to learn some different things about you Eileen. Wow, learning a degree course - that sounds interesting. I wonder what you will do!!!
    I quite frequently make lists - mainly because I like to tick things off as I do them. Gives me a feeling of accomplishment :))
    Mum mum has spent the past few years doing her family tree and she has gone back to the 1600's. Makes for interesting reading.

    You asked on my post if the picture was the view from my garden. I wish it was - so pretty!!! No, I was out on one of my walks and spotted the beautiful colours.