Sunday, 17 June 2012

Weekly Snippets {week 25}

No teaching again so I've just been pottering along all week.

Highspots of the week were meeting with Joy which I already blogged about here and an afternoon spent with these two:

she didn't want her photograph taken and this is the
only decent one from the entire afternoon!

she's laughing at Ced ... we don't know
why because he wasn't doing anything
- she just finds him funny!

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *
Disaster of the week was dropping my camera! I'd just finished taking some photos and was walking back to the car when I twisted my ankle and couldn't stop myself falling.  It was one of those heart stopping moment when I saw my camera hitting the pavement and rolling down the slope.  I managed to pick myself up and grab the camera and .... quick check .... sigh of relief .... few tears .... the camera was fine, no breakages just a bit of a scuff on part of the casing and I was fine too!

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *

I ordered a kit to make Dorset buttons (as one of my 52 Things) but more about that when I actually get round to making some.

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *
I went to my card making techique class.  It was brilliant, much better than I expected.  We learned three new techniques and made a card to go with each one.  Here's the cards:
Making a loopy flower from ribbon

using the scoring board to make a grid

making patterned paper using
Versamark resist

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *
I've done some more work on the Meaden family tree which is my maternal grandfather's line.  I haven't made as much progress as I'd hoped as I'm currently bogged down sorting out three men named John Meaden who could all be the John I'm looking for.  They all live in the same small village, are about the right age and to make it even harder, two of them have wives with the same first name!  I think they will all end up being related, I just have to get it sorted out.  But that's what doing a family tree is all about so I'm not complaining - rather have too much information than not enough.

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *

Saturday morning practice has restarted for the Youth Band so I was there bright and early to take the beginners - much more fun with the current intake as Tinkerbell and Tweenie have joined so I get to spend extra fun time with them.  They've both opted to learn the tenor horn which happens to be my principal instrument so, if they keep going, I can see some great times ahead.

Our first performance (for Tinks, Tweenie and myself) will be in July and will be a housewarming present for my sister and her husband, their grandparents.  We're going to give them the gift of music in their new home and the children are going to play (with my help), two simple tunes.  Lots of practice needed, but it'll be alright on the night!

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *

And finally, I've been doing lots of research on which degree to do.  I've narrowed the choice down to a photographic degree all done by distance learning.  Just some final sorting out and then I'll do the application.

* ** *** ** * ** *** ** *

Back to work next week but I don't have any children entered for music exams this session so the pressure is off.  And I only have two performances to arrange and 4 weeks worth of lessons and then I've met all my contracts for this school year.  Yay!


  1. Wow Eileen you have certainly had a busy week
    what a busy busy bee you are!!

    Photos of the children are wonderful
    hasn't wiggle got so big!

    Bad news about the fall but once you are ok and not injured that is all that matters
    I know you would hate your camera to be damaged but it would be worse if you were incapacitated.

    Great that you have narrowed your course down
    it sounds great
    we won't be able for you now when you know everything about photography
    we will be getting tips from you hopefully!

    Have a good week ahead Eileen and take care

    Fiona x

  2. oooooh hope you are not too bruised after your fall. Sounds like a full week you've had.

  3. Sorry to hear about your fall, Eileen, but pleased that both yourself and your camera are (almost) unscathed.
    The cards are lovely, as are Ragbag and Wriggle, and how lovely for you that Tinkerbell and Tweenie have chosen YOUR instrument to learn. Good luck with the first performance.
    Joy x x