Sunday, 24 June 2012

Weekly Snippets {week 26}

Back to work this week so I haven't had much free time to spend doing all the nice stuff!  It's generally been a grotty week and to be honest I'm glad it's over!  Rubbish weather, teaching was more demanding that usual as the children were hyper because they hadn't been allowed outside to play, we've had yet more problems with our neighbours (from hell!!) and I've had a lot of joint pain this week so have been feeling under par. 

It hasn't been all doom and gloom though and there have been a few highspots.

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My Monday afternoon school presented me with a box of Quality Street chocolates as a thank you. I wasn't expecting it all and it was a lovely surprise.  Sometimes it's just so nice to know that you're appreciated!

still some chocolates left!

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Beginners band practice went well this week.  From them struggling to put it all together last week, we had a very productive and fun practice session this time where they played well together and we moved on to new pieces. They are enjoying it so much their parents have asked if it is possible to arrange some extra sessions - we normally stop and have a break during the school holidays as the older children are busy playing at local fetes, but as the parents are prepared to find a location and host the sessions I've agreed to run some extra beginner band sessions during the long school summer holiday.  I'm really looking forward to it.

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I've had a go at Bookcrossing as another of my 52 things, which I'll post about later.

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I've been partnered with Gill over at Dosie Rosie for the 'Jar of Love' swap, so I'm busy getting that organised.  Obviously I can't say any more about it here as Gill may read this and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  It's another one of my 52 things so there'll be a post about it when the swap is completed.

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We've been cheered up by visits from the (nice) neighbours - we all share the same problem neighbour.  Lisa and Wayne came on Thursday night and Gary popped over yesterday and we just had a long chat, lots of laughter, catching up on what's been happening in each other's lives.  Good times! 

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I'm working again this week - only three more weeks of lessons left to do so I'm starting the countdown!  Also the sun is shining today so hopefully we're in for a few days of better weather.  All good signs that I'm in for a better week.


  1. It sounds like you had a full week! Enjoy the one that's coming!

  2. Yummy sweets Eileen.

    We finish school on Friday - yippee!

    Am so glad that you joined up with Green Day
    I hope you enjoyed it
    I might do it again on Friday, what do you think?

    Lovely to see Andrea joining you here as well
    she is a lovely bloggy friend as it sexta-feira xxx

    1. Yes, I think you should do it every Friday. I got the impression that a lot of the participants think that that's what you're going to do.

      Anyway, I've already taken my green pic for next week so you just have to do it again!!

  3. Hi Eileen I'm glad to hear you're joining in with the jar swap, sorry for not replying to your email regarding swaps I'm still desperately trying to catch up I hope next week is a bit quieter for you xx