Friday, 7 November 2014

Love the Little Things - 7th November


Here are some of the little things from this week.

Read | I'm still reading 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' by Rebecca Skloot but, as a bit of a change, I've also started on Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (yet another book group read).  I saw the film a couple of years ago and am hoping that my enjoyment of the book isn't affected by this - I really prefer to read the book before seeing the film so that I can image the characters for myself.
Watched | Mostly repeats of Grand Designs - I seemed to be hooked on them!  I've also watched all six episodes of The Code on BBC iPlayer and thought it was brilliant, don't know how I managed to miss it when it was originally broadcast.  Many thanks to Morgana for giving this a mention last week.

Heard | I've mainly been listening to Heart Radio as I've been driving about but nothing I've heard really stands out as worth a mention.  At home I've listened to a couple of older albums  which just seem to suit my mood - Come Away With Me by Norah Jones and Life for Rent by Dido.

Made | Mostly work related stuff, so simplified sheet music of some Christmas Carols for the beginners to play.  I've also started creating a digital scrapbook of my childhood photos which I hope to eventually get printed as a photo book ... one day.  This is still in the very early stages and most of my effort has been in understanding how to use Photoshop properly!  It's frustrating (to say the least) but I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end.

Worn | The temperature has really dropped in the last couple of days so my fluffy scarf has become an essential accessory. I haven't resorted to gloves yet (mainly because I don't like driving in gloves) but I don't think it will be long if it continues to  get colder. 
And Lastly ... it doesn't take long to get back in the routine, does it?  It's only the first week back but half term seems like a distant memory.


  1. I adore Grand Designs too! Kevin amcCloud is hilarious! My husband is an architect so we always watch with great interest! :) Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. I can see you are a big fan of the oldies, and you have me feeling all nostalgic thinking about Norah Jones and Dido. Perhaps I will have to hunt out my old c.d.'s! Hope you have a great week ahead! #littleloves

  3. I'd love to be able to use photoshop properly but I just get so frustrated with its technical-ness! I love Norah Jones x

  4. I love Grand Designs, such an inspiring programme. I love driving in gloves, I have my special pink leather driving gloves that I keep in my car. Perfect for a cold winters morning xx

  5. So pleased that you enjoyed The Code, I've no ideas why they stuck it on BBC four. Thank goodness for iPlayer! xx