Saturday, 1 November 2014

October Photo Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

I ran out of steam part way through the month, so some of the photos are from my archives.

Many thanks to Made With Love for organising the hunt.

O is for
oboe and oboe reed.

taken earlier in the month before the clocks changed, to capture the evening light.

the only sunrise I've photographed this year, taken at silly o'clock from my front door dressed only in my dressing gown!

something you bought 
some union flag bunting which I'm hoping to use for another photo project

the light pull in my holiday apartment.  See, I knew this photo would come in useful at some stage!

close up 
of one of the flower heads on a spirea bush

in this case, my favourite teddy ... meet Boris

baked beans, my go-to comfort meal!

didn't know what to do for this one so settled for my job, which is to introduce music to lots of children and which plays a significant part in a lot of their memories of childhood.

your sky 
one from the archives, taken earlier in the year from my back door

the red poppies at the Tower of London

your shoes 
from my archives, black ballet pumps


  1. Lovely photos, Eileen! I like the poppies specially. I don't think we have it Here in Brazil...
    Your sky is also great! :)

  2. Hello Eileen, I had loved all the photos! You are a little of them;))!
    Thanks for share (ing)... (?)!
    Good week end.
    (Sometimes I'm training my poor english; excuse me for my mistakes)

  3. Lovely collection! I really like childhood.

  4. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like you photos of colour, childhood, and lunch. Greenthumb.

  5. This is a great set of photos, Eileen. I'm seeing a number of photos of the poppy installation at the Tower of London. How I wish I could go there and experience it! The childhood photo is a wonderful shot! Have a good week!

  6. Lovely set of photos, the poppy's look amazing..
    Amanda x

  7. Great photos, I especially like 6pm and your sky!

  8. Really enjoyed your selection this month. Oboe was a great interpretation for O, as was Childhood. Also loved the poppies and Boris! x

  9. Great photos! I love the oboe reed and the Euphonium (?) shot! You got close to the poppies at the Tower- I could only get on the bridge approach!x