Sunday, 9 November 2014

This Week ...

Sunday 2nd November

I finished sorting my closet and got rid of about a third of my clothes, mostly to the charity shop.  It all looks very tidy (for now!) and I can see exactly what I have to wear.  Frustratingly I have plenty, so have no real need to go clothes shopping yet ... that treat will have to wait until I lose some more weight and drop another dress size. 

I needed to print all my registers for the new term as I'm back to work tomorrow - why do I never learn?  I'm sure the printer knows when I've left it to the last minute and plays up deliberately.  I eventually got it all done but to say I was stressed was a understatement!  

Spent the evening watching The Code and phoning friends.

Monday 3rd November 

Back to work today so an early start leaving home at 7:30am. I was teaching all day and then some food shopping on the way home.  My friend cancelled for our planned drink and chat so I spent the evening in;  reading, blogging followed by some more work on tracing the family tree. I've got back to 1595 and it's looking increasing unlikely that I'll be able to go back any further with that branch of the family.

Tuesday 4th November 

The new handyman actually turned up and started work!  Today he has prepped the room ready for painting, fitted the new security viewer on the front door and fixed the brackets for hanging baskets in the garden.   

I was teaching in the afternoon and spent the evening watching the rest of The Code on iplayer and the next episode of Missing on TV.
Wednesday 5th November

Teaching first thing and then back home by 10:30.  The handyman turned up again (yay!!!) and has done the first coat of paint in the soon-to-be music room, fixed the trellis up in the garden and helped me move some heavy stuff out to the garage.

I spent the rest of the day checking exactly what food is in the fridge, freezer and cupboards to see what meals I already have prepared or can cobble together.  Then I sorted out a shopping list so that I can bulk cook and freeze enough meals to see me through until Christmas.  I'm not completely familiar with the Slimming World plan yet needed to check everything ... it's time consuming, so hope it gets easier!

Thursday 6th November
An early start to let the handyman in, then the morning completing simple sheet music parts so that the beginners can play along with the main band on some of the Christmas carols.  The handyman was finished by lunch time - it's looking good!

Teaching in the afternoon and then home for the evening.  I was supposed to be going out (for a curry night) but had a migraine threatening (probably to do with the painting), so settled for a warm bath and an early night. 

Friday 7th November  

I was poorly throughout the night and then had a full days teaching, so I was relieved to get home for a rest ... feeling completely worn out.  I watched Lewis on TV, read for a while and then had an early night. 
Saturday 8th November

The morning was taken up with band, practicing Christmas carols.  I'd hoped to get the piano moved into the newly decorated room today, but I couldn't do it on my own and everyone was busy so it's still in the living room.  Frustrating, but it's clashed with a birthday weekend so the people who will help me are concentrating their efforts on celebrating, not piano shifting!  It'll have to wait until next week.

I went for a walk along the canal (too cold for comfort really!) but it started to rain hard, so hurried back home for a soak in the bath.  Spent the rest of the day cooking, catching up with the laundry, reading, watching TV (Doctor Who followed by The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and then started watching Intruders on BBC iPlayer).  I also played the saxophone today ... first time for ages!

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  1. Sounds like you have had a good week, very productive. Glad to hear the music room is coming on. x