Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Day 27: After the Storm

I didn't get much sleep last night once the storm started. It wasn't so much the sound of the rain hitting the plastic covering on my neighbour's shed, or the roar of the wind ... it was all down to the awful racket from someone's wheelie bin blowing around in the storm. The problem was eventually resolved by a thoroughly annoyed neighbour (not the owner of the wheelie bin) retrieving the offending bin ... I could tell he was annoyed by his very creative use of the English language as he wrestled with the bin! I was wide awake by then and didn't get much more sleep, so am happy to have another day at home. 

I opened the blinds to blue skies and a gentle breeze and luckily took some photos first thing, as now it is pouring down and any photography would be out of the question.There hasn't been much damage to the garden at all as today's photo of the cosmos shows. The only damage was that one of the climbers had pulled away from its trellis in places (now sorted), and one of the stones near the crab apple tree has blown over and flattened two crocosmia plants. 

I managed to get everything done yesterday. I decided that I wouldn't take on any extra pupils after I met the parents, mostly due to the behaviour of the children who kept opening the cupboards in my music room and wouldn't stop when asked to by me ... the parents made no attempt to discipline their children!

I'm not sure what I'll get up to today. I want to make some more soup for the freezer and I have to prepare the vegetables for a mid-week roast tonight, but apart from that it'll just be a case of 'see what happens'. I hope you all have a good day and the weather is kind to you wherever you are.


  1. I am smiling & applauding your decision & why for not taking the extra students. We have had some absolutely marvelous sunny days but we are being advised that is all about to change to rain, remnants of Irma. Happy Day & hopefully no more roving wheelie bins prowling at night!

  2. Agree with you! Why should you waste your time disciplining kids whose parents can't be bothered to do it themselves? They probably wouldn't back you up as a teacher either.